I Went to Utah with My Boss

Of course I was happy enough to go to the football game with the boss. Ever since his wife left him the guy needs adult supervision, although in this case he seems to have found that from a girl about half of his age at least. I was in charge of finding what he wanted, the guy is worth millions and millions of dollars, but he is hopeless when it comes to the internet. I think that he did not want to search for an escort service near Provo, Utah on his phone before the divorce is finalized. At any rate it worked out a lot better for me than I expected it would. There were two of them when they showed up, the boss picked the one he wanted after we spent some time with them. Then he told the other one that I needed to relax before I exploded. In fact this was a really nice girl and I would not ever have guessed what she did if I had not known it in advance.

At any rate we went to the tailgating and then we went to the game. He went to Oregon State and apparently they are not that good at football right at this point in time. I was really neutral, but the girl was a big Utah fan, apparently she was a student there. At any rate she was like a normal college girl this night, she took a couple of shots of peppermint schnapps and drank a few beers. After that it was on between her and me. I woke up with an incredible thirst the next morning, and I found that she had made me breakfast. Apparently the boss decided to pay the both of them for the entire weekend. I found myself wanting to ask for her number the whole time.

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My Daughter Wanted a Pink Gaming Chair

My daughter loves to play video games. I never thought she would turn into a gamer and surprisingly enough, it does not bother me. That is because she has balance in her life. She plays sports, she has an active social life, she attends church twice a week with the rest of the family, and she is just an overall great kid. When she told me the only thing she wanted for her birthday was a pink gaming chair, I knew that she was going to get that, plus a few more gifts.

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I Guess That I Am Making Money on Bitcoin

I personally would not really know how to do a bitcoin trade, even though I have a degree in computer science. I do make really good money and I have rather few bills. I live in a small house that cost me next to nothing and I drive a reasonably priced car that I paid for in cash when it had 25 thousand miles on it. On the other hand my brother in law seems to be a real genius when it comes to this stuff and he has been making a huge amount of money trading in bitcoin. It seems like really risky business to me, but he and my sister Kathy seem to be completely undisturbed by the wild swings in the price of this stuff. Continue reading “I Guess That I Am Making Money on Bitcoin”

The Advantages to Utilizing Computersciencehomeworkhelpers

If you are a student in a computer science program, you may be covering topics like database management. In some courses, you will be required to submit a lengthy paper on various subjects. Fortunately, if you need assistance with either the research or the writing aspect of your essays, you can now consult with computersciencehomeworkhelpers.

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Sleep Studios 3 Inch Visco2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Enhancer Review

The Sleep Studio 3 Inch Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer is not a complete mattress by a memory foam mattress topper.

The 3 Inch Visco2 ventilated enhancer is made from open cell visco2 memory foam that makes it breathable. It is also eco-friendly and will provide comfort and relief from pressure points to give you a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Studio 3 Inch Visco2 Ventilated Memory Foam Topper Details

  • Open Cell Visco2 memory foam mattress topper
  • Open cell technology gives 5 times more airflow to prevent overheating.
  • Eco-friendly formula uses plant-based ingredients
  • Microsafe anti-microbial treatment
  • Provides comfort and pressure relief to reduce tossing and turning


Open Cell Visco2 Memory Foam

The 3 Inch Visco2 memory foam mattress topper is made from a memory foam which has a visco2 enhance. This is a revolutionary high performance memory foam that allows 5 times as much airflow to keep you cool at night and to prevent overheating. Memory foam mattresses and toppers are known to have issues with trapping heat and this technology by Sleep Studios overcomes this well.

There are also 3 zones of air channels to allow even more air circulation at the head and feet as well as more support at the torso. Visco2 and ventilation allows more oxygen under your covers giving you a healthier and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Visco2 memory foam also returns to its original size faster than other memory foam and is not prone to permanent shrinkage from compression.

Eco Friendly Production

The 2 inch memory foam mattress topper is derived from plant-based chemicals instead of traditional petroleum ones, making it environmentally sound. It has also had anti-microbial treatment that is environmentally safe too.

MicroSafe Anti-Microbial Treatment

The Sleep Studio 2 inch Visco2 memory foam mattress topper benefits from MicroSafe which is an environmentally safe anti-microbial treatment to overcome unpleasant bacterial odors and also the growth of mildew, mold and fungi.

Minimizes Motion Transfer

The Sleep Studio memory foam mattress enhancer also helps minimize motion control so prevents your partner from disturbing you in the night.

Available Sizes

The Sleep Studio memory foam mattress enhancer is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes.


The memory foam mattress topper comes with a 2 year warranty.

Cost of the Sleep Studio 3 Inch Visco2 Memory Foam Mattress Enhancer

This memory foam mattress is available on Amazon for just as little as $100 depending on the size you want – and can save you up to 60%!

What Customers Say About the 3 Inch Visco2 Memory Foam Mattress Enhancer

The 3 inch visco2 ventilated memory foam mattress enhancer has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers who bought the mattress topper mostly loved it. Some customers thought it was a case of you get what you pay for, while others found it to be okay or actually found it uncomfortable. However the majority of customers only had praise for it.

Most customers agreed that the Foamglobes memory foam mattress reviews would have been better if it came with an outer cover review.

Customer comments included:

  • “What a surprise!!! I never thought it would feel so good. i just woke up from one of my most relaxing nights ever… and i didnt even have to drink tea or wine to sleep that well. I have fallen in LOVE!.. I can’t recommend this item enough… I’d give it 10 stars if i could. Very happy customer here…”
  • ”…Bed comfort is highly personal so your mileage may vary, but for me laying down on this always feels good. It’s made my bed the most comfortable and inviting it’s ever been – and that’s important because I have always had insomnia. This pad was worth every penny for me…”
  • ”This memory foam pad is adequate as a temporary topper, for camping, for guests, or the indifferent sleeper, but not up to par for someone who needs a good bed because of back pain or similar ailments….”
  • “…I love naps and this just made every nap heavenly!”
  • “…this is a TRUE memory foam product- and it is 3 inches of pure memory foam. A lot of the other products I saw were combinations of pad and foam. I can’t imagine the others are worth the price, as they are more expensive than this one. This isn’t a pretty product, but it doesn’t matter- it’s under your sheets!…”
  • ”I was advised from a friend not to get a memory foam that is less than 4 inches. This one is 3, and it is just fine.”
  • “I am so pleased with the Sleep Studio 3 inch Visc02. I have not slept sooooo gd in so long…”

Overall, for the price, the Sleep Studio 3 inch Visco2 ventilated memory foam mattress enhancer might just be the thing you need to freshen up your old mattress.

The Cubist: the first episode of the crazy series “Billion Dollar Factory”!

IP Leanware announces the launch of the first event episode of its “Billion Dollar Factory” web series. Named The Cubist , it is above all a tribute to The Artist, the most Oscar-winning French film in the history of cinema (with 5 Oscars – including Best Film).

It is thus by being transported in the world of the film The Artist that you will be able to discover the first adventure lived by the factory  Billion Dollar Factory , become Thousand Dollar Factory for the occasion. You will find Hugues O’Boss, William Liever and Albert Sceptyk in 1927, plunged into a morose period of crises, poor performance, and, strong competition due to the American factories of mass production. Hugues O’Boss then decides to call on Marcus Hetting and the IP Leanware team to stabilize their productions.

It’s against a background of black and white film, tap and jazz music that Mickael Oach, Jeannet Cloud and Javier Assix help the Thousand Dollar Factory! With the help of the first Braincube calculator, the IP Leanware retro team will be able to analyze the production data of the plant and discover the parameters to implement to improve the process performance.

Based on Hypercubic analysis, the Braincube calculator is a revolution reversing the world of static. Dedicated to improving performance, it is based on facts (complete data analysis) and not just on the expertise already acquired. Thus the data analyzes make it possible to reproduce the conditions necessary for the good performance.

Discover now The Cubist , the first episode of the series “Billion Dollar Factory” which will immerse you in the nostalgia of the silent cinema and the universe of The Artist. Featuring a team of tap dancers, specialized in improving industrial performances and finding solutions to Thousand Dollar Factory’s production problems – all on a very lively jazz tune!

Why prepare for your funeral pre-arrangements

Many people aged 55 or 60 think they can spend a few more decades with their loved ones. After all, life expectancy in the Canadian population is quite high, reaching in 2007 an average of 80.34 years per person (representing the 16 th position in the world!). These encouraging figures, however, will lead some people to postpone the preparation of their eventual deaths, galvanized by the energy that still flows in their veins. Then, unfortunately, their departure will sometimes come at a completely unexpected time and they will find themselves unprepared in the face of death.

It is extremely difficult to accept that we will leave this world, we must agree. However, without rejoicing in the inevitable, it seems essential to take certain precautions in order not to leave his own heirs with difficulties resulting from our lack of foresight. The funeral pre-arrangements are part of the arrangements made by a quarter of Quebecers today to avoid leaving the heavy burden to others to organize and pay for his own funeral. Today, let’s take a look at this still unknown arrangement of many Quebecers.

Basic knowledge to have on the subject

Basically, the funeral pre-arrangement is an agreement made with a funeral home so that it can deal with the different aspects of your funeral (ceremonies, embalming methods, etc.) when you leave the terrestrial world. It is said that it is a form of death insurance that allows its subscribers to pay the full amount of the funeral BEFORE it takes place: instead of paying a monthly payment until death, the full amount of a stroke.

Avoid sudden price inflation

The use of pre-arrangements ensures your heirs that they will not have to take out a single dollar from their wallet to meet your last wishes. The reason for this insurance is simple: the contract allows you to set the price permanently, regardless of whether you have to die on the spot or 30 years later. Since the majority of the funeral expenses will be placed in trust, so in an account that is inaccessible to the administrators of the funeral home, the money will have time to grow and allow it to not lose the exchange.

Choose exactly how we will be celebrated

By treating yourself with the people who will be responsible for organizing your ceremony, you can ensure that you will trust those who will be the organizers. You have the freedom to choose exactly everything that will be included in the event (up to the type of flowers purchased!) Since it is you who will pay for the organization. In the case of death insurance received by an heir, it could be a little more tempting for the heir to reduce the funeral budget in order to cash the balance of the premium …

A type of contract protected by law

Since elder abuse has unfortunately been all too common in recent years in Quebec (and certainly is still so), lawmakers have decided that funeral pre-arrangements would be subject to a law, allowing the government to tighten funeral homes that do not respect certain basic rules of ethics. Entered into force in 1988, this law is currently under the control of the OPC.

Do not wait until it’s too late or your resources are limited to take action! Even a man in his fifties has nothing to lose by setting up his own funeral as soon as he will be free from heavy weight.

Laval en fleurs, a floral competition

In Canada, or at least in the province of Quebec, the city of Laval is known for a multitude of things. First, it has the third largest population after Montreal and Quebec City. Then, she suffers from a serious problem of reputation following the decay of two mayors in the space of a few months, Gilles Vaillancourt and Alexandre Duplessis. Fortunately, there are not only negative things about the city’s neighbor: Laval en fleurs, which happens year after year, is a very interesting event for horticulture enthusiasts in Quebec.

The horticulture capital

First of all, you must know that the city qualifies itself as the horticultural capital of Quebec. There are more than 130 companies working in the field of plants: be they greenhouses or greenhouses, Laval is growing a lot of things every year. The Laval Technopole is even one of its four flagships to attract families and skilled labor in the city!

An embellishment contest

In 2013, Laval hopes to win one of Quebec’s flagships, which stem from a horticultural classification program designed to encourage municipalities in the province to beautify their spaces through flowers and plants. The City of Laval, in collaboration with Laval en Fleurs, plans to award a total of over $ 2,000 in prizes to all those who will participate in this contest!

The operation is simple: people register online (the deadline is unfortunately exceeded for 2013) and they have the right to make any type of development. Three types of categories are introduced this year: residential, commercial and institutional prices and finally, professional prices. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

  • Residential prices: First of all, you can be rewarded for the beauty of your front garden according to the state of its maintenance, the diversity in the arrangement made, the originality and the beauty as a whole as well as the addition of the Laval emblem, lavatère. Then, rewards are also awarded for the beauty of the balcony, the originality of the facade as well as for the ecological aspect of a development carried out by a resident.
  • Commercial prices: Two commercial prizes will also be awarded during the contest. In the first place, a company will also be rewarded for having built a floral arrangement for its facade, according to criteria similar to the price of the residential category. The horticultural merit will be attributed to a company specifically established in this sector.
  • The price of the professional: Finally, there will also be a landscaping professional who will be rewarded for his good work, whether for a front lawn or for a rear parterre made at a resident of Laval.

Finally take note that the date of the unveiling of the winners has still not been served to the public. This is a file that is to follow!

Doubts weigh on the administration of Laval en Fleurs

Unfortunately, the eternal specter of corruption and fraud hit Laval again in the last hours: the Sûreté du Québec recently announced that it was investigating the administration of Laval en Fleurs because his former CEO apparently would have done away with $ 200,000 in the space of a few years. Already that Mathieu Lavoie was paying a salary that was contested by several members of the organization, his way of managing Laval en Fleurs caused great discomfort at the time. Let’s hope the summer celebrations will not be tainted by the police squad’s strike.

Free flowers for residents

While the inhabitants of the city must instead turn to a florist in Montreal, the people of Laval, for their part, have the chance to receive flowers for free from Laval en Fleurs. Proof of residence is of course necessary for the claim to take place, but it is entitled to perennials, annuals and even a bag of potting soil. In 2013, the spring flowers ceremony was held on June 8; fortunately, the event occurs again in the fall, specifically on September 14, providing fall perennials and chrysanthemums to the population. Even children can receive pretty little gifts, is not it wonderful?

Storytelling Art or how to tell stories over the canvases!

For art lovers or simply lovers of beautiful things, a new movement has appeared Storytelling Art! And we will see that it exists on canvases, but also on unusual objects such as iPhone cases .

The principle of Storytelling Art? Tell stories through the paintings. This trendy movement was invented by Marc Ferrero . Desiring to create a mix of comics and paintings, he chose to extend stories through the paintings. In a very modern style and in sets inspired by the Comics, the artist relies on 3 main characters, which he illustrates and stages throughout his works.

But to understand where this idea comes from, you have to look at its path. This autodidact, passionate about TV series and movies from the 70s, is primarily a designer. Frustrated by the lack of space imposed by the comic strip, he decided to adapt his art large format version. Not decided to give up his ideas and characters, he invented Storytelling art to tell his stories. He then creates Lisa L’Aventura, the blonde diva, an English dandy and an afficionado of Argentinian tango and puts them in scene in urban decorations.

Over the years and after numerous exhibitions between Milan, Rome, London, New York, Paris and Kyoto, he has directed more than 5,000 works in private collections.

Originality continues! With his success the artist has chosen to decline his works on various media, including, surely the most original, the iPhone case . Justifying this, by wanting to make art accessible to all and so that everyone can own a work of art, he creates a collection of iPhone cases in limited editions. We find our 3 characters on our protective shells and personalize our smartphones with original visuals.


The wine “made in USA”

The United States is the fourth largest wine producer in the world behind the French, Italian and Spanish. They are also fourth in terms of cultivated area, with 450 hectares, making it one of the largest wholesalers and consumers in the world …

Since the end of Prohibition, the United States has embarked on the cultivation of French varietals, which make their success by their good adaptability of the American climate. The latter is also similar to that found in Europe, Mediterranean and oceanic type.

That said, a specific American peculiarity could certainly surprise the European model! Wine production is not treated in the same way, from producer to processor. They are even two very distinct roles, since the cultivation of bunches of grapes is a trade and their transformation another, both linked by a contract.

The price of a bottle does not depend on “the house” but on a deal with the grape variety used annually. In fact, we are witnessing a relic of Prohibition: it is therefore a strict federal and state regulation put in place, symbolized by the “Three-tier System”, which governs the distribution of American wines.

All wine must therefore pass successively by an importer, a wholesaler and then a restaurant owner in order to be finally offered for consumption. This regulation has the effect of increasing up to 4 times the price of a bottle, since the latter is subcontracted by different services … Nevertheless, this system, true to the model of liberalism, succeeds in the United States . And worse than that: it would even surpass the preachers of wine, namely the French!

A discreet news item in France concerns the “Paris judgment” of 1976, which made French wine producers pale in competition with their American counterparts. They then saw their white and red wines at the top of the podium, during a blind tasting. Following this, wine prices flew to the United States and French producers have long shunned their comrades United States.

It is safe to say that if the French remain a quality reference, others also claim and seize a market now highly competitive with the “Old World”, namely France, Italy and the United States. Spain!