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Need to escape, to clear your head? Want to take a break? On this blog people, you will find all the entertaining information that make the buzz.

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All scoops of your favorite celebrities are just a click away and you can even find the unpublished news of the day not to be missed and not yet treated by the “big” celebrity sites.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Which stars are partying together? Which film flopped at the box office? What news from the saga Chris Brown / Rihanna? You will be the first to know! And besides, you will have all the little crispy details.

This blog is therefore entirely dedicated to our favorite stars: from Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to Rita Ora, we tell you everything about their private life and their professional life!

On the menu: an “actus stars” section, obviously to know everything about the life of our celebrity friends, but also a celebrity fashion section that deciphers all trends in style, a section dedicated to American television series like Gray’s Anatomy and a section dedicated to movies buzzent.

You will find funny videos, scoops, folders “focus stars” or new and original stars looks on

In the end, Agathyou is more a blog people as opposed to “big” sites of the press people: you will find different information on the stars! The news people are cross-checked by us on Beyoncé and Jay-Z or Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux!

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