The guide for successful funerals

According to most sources, the cost of a burial is one of the three or four most expensive consumer purchases in their lifetime. Basic traditional funerals can cost more than $ 10,000. Although it is very expensive, there is no reason to believe that paying so much for a funeral shows how much you loved the deceased.

Many funeral directors or funeral homes will not tell you that you can have a completely legitimate funeral, with a nice casket, for less than $ 2,500. A number of cheap funeral homes can provide you with all essential services for under $ 2,000, and these funerals provide the same sense of memory as the more expensive ones. They can even be considered as a more appropriate way to honor significantly the spirit of the deceased.

When it comes to funeral expenses, you absolutely have to shop around and find the best prices. You may want to find a trusted funeral home to help you in your decisions, but you must remember that they will have their own interests in your purchases and that might not lead you to the best value. The cost of the funeral is not related to how much you care or respect the deceased. You do not have to negotiate with someone who tries to guilt you out of control in this way.

Be ready to go outside the tradition . Is it necessary to have a visiting right and a service falls? Can you combine the two services into one? Or maybe you could have a visiting and service right at the same time and have family only at the grave. Think about what is comfortable for you and your family and do not be afraid to break the norm.

See if a military burial is an option . If the deceased was a military veteran or married to one, they may be eligible for veterans’ funeral benefits. The burial at the cemetery of a veteran is much cheaper than in a public cemetery.

Use your church membership privileges . Many churches have cemeteries on their property. Due to lack of space, some churches limit their burial sites to church members and their immediate families. The use of the church hall / shrine for funeral services should be much cheaper than renting a funeral home.

Think of the cremation . While some people are against the religion of cremation, if it is not a problem, it saves a little money and becomes very popular.

Funerals are expensive. There is no way around this fact. Whenever possible, always try to get more than one estimate from a funeral home for the cost of the necessary funeral service. Prices can vary considerably between different funeral homes. A local funeral home is generally more affordable, and gives a better service than national franchises. All funeral homes in America are required by federal law to provide everyone with a written price for all funeral services and related products that they offer. This is known as the general price list, or GPL. The cost of the funeral will depend on the type of funeral services and the options you choose.

When determining the actual price of a funeral service, there are several things that need to be put in place before hand. Know your rights as a consumer. The funeral laws are not the same in every state and it is very useful to know what elements are required by law for a funeral service and the elements that are added as extras and are not required by the state laws.

Much of the cost of the funeral will depend on the type of casket you select. The costs can have a wide range of prices (usually runs between $ 395 and $ 10,000 plus tax). In the price ranges, there are services that are provided such as the maintenance of the parcel, the tombstone, the use of the funeral home for service instead, etc.

You do not have to spend a small fortune to have a good funeral service worthy, whether it be a funeral service or a funeral cremation service. Do not leave yourself or your family feeling obligated to order additional items or services that you feel are unnecessary. Prices must be fair compared to other funeral homes in the area. Remember, some of the larger companies are chains owned by funeral homes exchanges under several different names and it can be very difficult to tell the difference between an independent family funeral home and a chain owned by the funeral business. Corporations usually keep the family name of the funeral home, so be sure to ask if it is owned by the family,

A funeral director will guide you through the entire funeral procedure. Funeral directors can help to obtain copies of the deceased’s death certificate, write an obituary, help you follow religious observances, contact social security, make arrangements with a crematorium, etc. Unless you have made arrangements in advance, you will probably be forced to choose a funeral home quickly and emotionally. Try to get a recommendation from a trusted friend or clergyman.

The funeral rule

  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the national consumer protection agency and executor of the funeral ruler. The funeral rule allows consumers to compare prices between funeral homes and select the services of the house in which you want to use without having to buy a “package” of any kind. Among its other benefits and protections, this rule ensures that anyone who calls or visits a funeral home must be given a price list of all services.
  • The funeral rule also provides the following protections:
  1. Buy only the funeral arrangements you want : You do not have to buy a “bundle” of goods and services from a funeral home. You can buy funeral goods, such as a coffin, from an outside supplier and the funeral home must use it. You can pay for a memorial service and direct burial, but no embalming. It’s yours. Embalming is necessary in some states and in certain situations. If the funeral states that he is legally bound to your state or specific situation, they must provide the law that relates to the specific law.
  2. Get the price over the phone or in an office : Funeral directors must give you price information over the phone if you ask for it. The funeral home can not ask for your name, address or phone before giving you the prices.
  3. Get the price list before you see the coffins : Coffins are very expensive, and the less scrupulous funeral homes will force you to buy the most elaborate. Ask for the list of coffins prices before looking at the showroom .
  4. Receiving a written declaration before paying : The funeral home must provide you with a list of the items you have chosen and the total cost of these agreements.
  5. Use an alternative container for cremation : Funeral homes and crematoriums should provide alternative containers made of chipboard, fibreboard or cardboard for the cremation process. They can not force you to buy an urn from them. You can bring your own container for leftovers.
  6. Funeral arrangements without embalming : According to the FTC, no state law requires embalming. Some states only require a body to be embalmed or refrigerated if it is not buried or incinerated within a certain period of time.

Funeral expenses are divided into three basic categories:

  1. Fees for Basic Services for the Undertaker : There is a basic service charge that is allowed to be billed and you can not refuse to pay. This price includes the cost of securing death certificate copies of the deceased person, preparation of death notices, sheltering vestiges and coordination with third parties such as cemeteries or crematoria.
  2. Services and merchandise : These are optional costs related to the funeral and include things like coffins, embalming, transportation of the remains or using the funeral home for a memorial service or viewing, use of a hearse etc.
  3. Cash advances : These fees are billed by the funeral home for goods and services purchased from external providers on your behalf. These include things like flowers, death notices and fees for officiating clergy. If the funeral home can not give you an exact price for these initial services, they must provide you with a “good faith” estimate.

The biography of the group Sexion Assault

The Sexion assault group is currently one of the best on the hip hop scene in France with more than 350,000 copies sold, with the album “The school of vital points”. The group consists of eight members including Master Gims, Adams Diallo, JR, Lefa, Maska, Amos, Baby Joe and Dim ‘One. Initially, the group called 3 E prototype, is a collective of about twenty people, then in 2005, a first project: a mixtape “Middle Earth” was born with the help of producer Dawala Wati B. The years 2006 and 2007 mark on the one hand, the departure of three members of the group and on the other hand,, the release of their first clip:  History worse than true and Anti-Tecktonik. These two titles end up creating a controversy with the media. It is in 2009 that the group sexion of Assaut earns its full renown with the release thanks to two clips from the CD:  T’es Beast or What?  and  Wati Bon Son in feat with Dry. The big revelation of the group was made with the release in the bins in March 2010 of their first album, “The school of Vital points”. Three weeks later, the album is certified Golden Disc. The group’s career continues to climb over the years with the release in 2011 of an album “mixtage” titled Les Chroniques du 75: pending the Apogee. An album that has seen all these clips and has made over 100,000 copies. The group replicates in 2012 with the third excerpt of the climax with the title before it leaves in homage to the mother of JR, a title that met a huge success, sold from the first week to 66,000 copies, then certified gold disc, platinum disc and two months after platinum double disc. You can find free news of this group of rappers

Milly-la-Forêt: Discover a city steeped in history

Gallic origins

Milly la Foret in Essonne is an ancient town whose history began in 285 BC with the creation of the Village of Milly by Dryus (4 th King of Gaul). Later, it was transformed into druidic initiation center. A few centuries later, the Roman road was established allowing Milly to take advantage of trade flows and to play a major role on the territory of Essonne.

It was not until 52 BC that the Romans really got closer to Milly by setting up a Roman camp west of the city. All these movements in Gallic and Roman times have fortunately for our history left traces: Roman medals, gold coins with the effigy of Faustin of Rome and other vestiges were thus found.

A medieval epic

In 7 th century, the estate belonged to Milly Fulbert 1 st, who bequeathed it to his son Wulfram direction. The latter later decided to enter the orders. At his death, Charles Martel recovered the lands of Milly by adding them to the French royal domain.

From that date, the estate was handed over between the accounts, the nobles and the church. It is only in 1356 after the defeat of Poitiers that the city knew its first crises. It was ravaged by looters and partly destroyed by the English who took the city in 1371 (under the leadership of Edward Woodstock). It was not until 15 th century the area of the castle was rebuilt and the city was surrounded by fortifications. In 1497 Milly became the first relay of the royal road between Paris and Lyon.

All these times have left Milly many traces, including an architectural heritage out of the ordinary, some buildings are classified as a historic monument: The Chapel Saint-Blaise-des-Simples, The Castle, The hall …

A place to discover with family or friends

Take the time of a weekend in Essonne time to leave in the footsteps of our ancestors. Plunged in the heart of the most beautiful stories that have made this beautiful territory what it is today. With friends or family, you will make an undisguised pleasure to enjoy the benefits of the surrounding nature. Located about fifty kilometers from Paris, Milly-la-Forêt is a destination to be privileged to cut with the sometimes difficult stress of our Parisian capital.

To know more about the city of Milly-la-Forêt, go here:

Contemporary Art Gallery TOKADE: Paradise Place for Decorators

TOKADE Art Gallery 9 rue des Paradoux 31000 Toulouse, is the first gallery that had the incredible idea to gather hundreds of works of professional painter on the same platform. To highlight the artists and their works, the site allows each contemporary painter to exhibit and present twenty paintings in five imposed painting formats.

Accessible to all without exception the website, is a way to offer visitors and Internet users a human space where art is accessible to all. Indeed, whether we love art and decoration, contemporary art or modern art, the Tokade Gallery proposes to democratize them in all its forms. It requires more technical knowledge or sharp artistic culture to be able to enjoy and appreciate the artists who exhibit.

In all, there are nearly 500 works as original as each other and made by very talented artists who are exposed. Unique and authentic, the virtual and real gallery gives the opportunity to all to discover the exceptional talents of various painters and contemporary art sculptors. To give life to the brilliant idea of ​​democratizing art on the Internet, all artists present have all agreed to have their works authenticated. Each painting is unique and delivered with its signed certificate of authenticity. Known or emerging artists are rigorously selected by a selection committee for their originality, technique and approach. They all help to discover the diversity and richness of contemporary art.

Apart from the marketing of works of art, the Tokade Gallery is also for many artists: painters or sculptors, a showcase that allows them to discover to all the extent and diversity of their know-how. Figurative art, paintings and abstract sculptures, original paintings painted in acrylics or in oil … a wide choice of works of art is available. Very innovative, this gallery does not hesitate to mark the difference and the limits without daring to cross the politically correct. In fact, the rather cold and taciturn atmosphere of the majority of art galleries disappears as soon as you set foot there.

Paradise place for decorators, Tokade is undoubtedly the gallery to see absolutely to find authentic decorative ideas adapted to the needs. Indeed, as a specialist in modern art, the gallery offers paintings and sculptures of different sizes. Large size paintings are suitable for large spaces, and medium or small are really perfect to revive the color of a living room or bedroom.

As for prices, markets its works at very affordable prices. Art objects such as paintings or contemporary paintings are for example offered at 49 euros minimum. As for contemporary art sculptures, they are accessible from 50 euros.

Very famous among the art galleries of major French cities, such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the gallery is located in Toulouse, in the district of Carmes. She now appears as a must-see gallery in the Pink City.

Solutions for recycling your expanded polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene is everywhere around us. It takes place in your food, the articles secure in packages, it ensures the insulation of the houses and it is even in your bike helmet. It is also known as the # 6 plastic you have seen used in plastic cups and CD and DVD cases.

Anecdote : In 2006, the Foam Packaging Recycling Alliance reported that 56 million pounds of BPA were recycled that year. This is an amazing amount considering that BPA is 98% air.

Even if your community recycles plastic # 6, it can not accept EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). This is a case similar to the riddle of the plastic bag, where different versions of plastics require by some separate recycling streams. Because it is so lightweight, expanded polystyrene takes up 0.01% of the total municipal solid waste stream by weight, but as you might have guessed, its volume is a bigger problem than its weight. It takes up space in landfills and does not deteriorate. If you have not recycled Styrofoam before, here’s how to do it:

Methods for recycling expanded polystyrene

As we mentioned earlier, the most convenient method for consumers is to use curbside recycling programs, but because of transportation coordination and contamination rates, most communities do not accept polystyrene . But do not despair, you have a number of options at your fingertips:

Site Removal – Check to check where you can find polystyrene recycling in your area. Be sure to call ahead to make sure that the site you are looking for does accept this material. If they take expanded polystyrene , most accept packaging materials, but not food or medical containers. Bring empty empty containers of ribbon, labels, plastic films, etc. As you know, contaminants can ruin the recycling process.

Return by mail – If a landing site does not exist in your area, you can also use a mail-back program, such as the Foam Packaging Recycling Alliance. Remember to remove all debris from the EPS before breaking it into small pieces that fit in a box for shipping.

Reuse for Loose Insulation – Reusing expanded polystyrene is the best thing you can do. Moreover, it is very easy to use. For example, you could use it to better isolate your home or to build a dock.

Large Volume – Working with a pick-up service recycling company is best if your company receives large amounts of EPS. The company’s needs for storage and equipment vary, but it is typical for storage containers to stay outdoors in a bin where the expanded polystyrene is clean, dry and not exposed to the elements. It is wise to check with the company to see how they accept polystyrene, whether stacked, packaged, bailed out, condensed, etc.

On site (for industry) – In the event your company needs to regularly condense large pieces of expanded polystyrene, look in the peripherals of companies such as RecycleTech or Styromelt ™. For example, Styromelt ™ is a device that uses thermal compaction not only to reduce the volume of EPS, but also to sterilize the briquette.

So we showed you 4 solutions to be able to recycle or reuse your expanded polystyrene. Remember that you should never give up this type of material in the wild as it could have a very harmful effect on the environment.

The code of ethics of synergology

Nonverbal communication can be observed and therefore validated or disavowed on the basis of scientific criteria. For example, if we say of a person that she experiences a positive emotion, her lower eyelid is always retracted or elevated (referring to the muscle under the eye). It is therefore impossible to discern the whiteness of the eye under the iris. There is no mistake: it is true or false. To prove the veracity or falsity of this proposal we will need a stock of video clips of people being very excited for positive reasons. If, in addition to one in ten videos, the white of the lower eye is visible, the synergological proposal is invalidated. For its veracity to be total, it would then be necessary to compare these images with expressions in which the eyes are sad, by observing precisely how the lower eyelid of the sad eye shows the lower white of the eye, which is very visible. On this basis, we do not hesitate to say that in the field of reading nonverbal communication, there are charlatans simply because their proposals have not gone through thiscontrol barrier , saying some things that are true, but unable to demonstrate it formally. In training courses, specialists in synergology will show you numerous proofs of the legitimacy of this discipline of the human sciences. Whenever the opportunity arises, a new proposal is proposed to scientists. This is what the code of ethics for synergology (AQS and AES) suggests.

Recent knowledge in neuroscience is of great importance in the development of synergology and has given meaning to a structurally different way of approaching body language. Based on how the brain works the method can decrypt the body language in a very effective and reliable way. The synergologist verifies his results according to scientific criteria and provable. The goal in synergology is to have a better understanding of communication and to check its acceptances and has proved to be very valuable where the goal is to improve performance in communication skills and non-verbal language. The goal is to improve synergology to decipher the functioning of the human brain through body language.

Synergology, more commonly called body language science, has recognized the findings of some researchers in accordance with the observations of “Palo Alto School,” the findings of Ray Birdwhistell, Edward T. Hall, Gregory Bateson, Paul Watzlawick but he also founded his own theory on the basis of this school of thought. The Palo Alto trend is to bring together all the contradictions between verbal and non-verbal language. Synergology recognizes that non-verbal language is solely responsible for these contradictions, that non-verbal language can have a dual meaning. Synergologists can decode all bodily behaviors without using sound. This undoubtedly proves that body language alone can sometimes be contradictory.

Synergology introduces new concepts in the non-verbal domain, from the observation of bodily reactions that had never been isolated and which had been described until now as being micro-movements. The last contribution in neuroscience was decisive on the progression of synergology. The assumptions on which it relies indeed to find their thanks scientific substrates for the intensification and confirmation of new data from neurobiology and neuropsychology. Because of this amazing discovery, every physical gesture will require some activity in the brain, thus eliminating any contradiction through the bodily movement. This allows nonverbal communication and body language to be observed in a new semantic field. These micro-movements of the body lange appear when one fills the comments which contradict the openly expressed information. This astounding discovery places body language as an essential witness of the activity of the mind that clarifies these contradictions by translating them on the body. It allows nonverbal communication to be observed in a new semantic field.