The underside of the wedding dress

Choosing the underwear you will wear under your wedding dress is of utmost importance. Choose from the  wedding dress collection  carefully so that they are perfectly tailored to your dress and provide you with a high level of comfort.

Comfort being the first selection criterion, the bride and groom bet and opt a lot for bustier or suspender garment sets, they provide a certain comfort and maintenance of the chest without using straps, especially if you wear a dress with shoulders clear. As for the straps, avoid the transparent and opt for a white color or flesh color that give a better look and if you can do without it it will be better. It should also be below as refined as your outfit.

The underside must draw your figure and be perfectly adapted to the dress or outfit you wear.

In case your outfit is slinky, opt for a thong and a microfiber lingerie that would be invisible, otherwise you have the free choice of the bottom you want to put.

The garter has remained a tradition in some areas, but it is not essential. This lace ribbon is attached by brides around the thigh and then auctioned. This moment when the guests pay for the garter up or down at the level of the leg of the bride offers a guaranteed atmosphere. The money from this auction returns to the end to the newlyweds. If you consider that this practice is a little misplaced, do not give in to the opinions of other people, because it is the day of your wedding. If you do not mind, this practice will surely be fun. Then visit the wedding dress shop for more info!

SIAL 2012, Food Connections boosted

As a business and anticipation fair, SIAL 2012 focuses its efforts on showcasing exhibitors, visitor accessibility and a renewed staging in a festive environment. 

Olivia Milan-Grosbois SIAL Group Director

“The best way to plan for the future is to participate in a major event at the heart of the global agri-food industry,” says Olivia Milan-Grosbois, Director of SIAL Group. The concept of ‘Food Connections’ is not just a slogan, it’s the reality of a global trade show and connected to the markets. ” A global event that brings together the essential of the targeted professionals – central purchasing, distribution, local shops, agro-food industries, catering, import / export …, in search ofnovelties and food innovations , suppliers, looking for new ideas to seduce their customers of tomorrow.

Around the world in 5 days

“Our priority is to guarantee a good return on investment, measured by our 140,000 expected visitors, nearly 6,000 exhibitors and 1,500 journalists present,” explains the exhibition director. With a balanced offering between small and large companies from around 100 countries on every continent, SIAL 2012 is indeed a very profitable business trip to develop low-cost export markets with an ultra-competitive competitive edge. 5 days.

A qualitative space and operational support

Active and interactive platform of the first order,SIAL 2012 will be in the singular and the plural. Singular by its more friendly structure of welcome marked under the seal of the “French Touch” with services “facilitators”. Plural by the diversity of its information and solutions that arouses curiosity and promotes the discovery of capital trends, major innovations, the reality of today’s markets for tomorrow. “We want SIAL 2012 to be much more than a show, a real place for exchange and discovery, fun and business,” concludes Olivia Milan-Grosbois.

Always more connected on the Web

From mid-April, SIAL visitors will book their badge on
will benefit from a preferential Web rate. They will also be able to benefit from a special pre-sale rate on the official catalog of the show and the SIAL Innovation directory.
At the same time, a competition will be launched to the “Fans” of the SIAL facebook page. To be won in April and May: 50 invitations to SIAL 2012 and 50 one-year subscriptions to the newsletter of the French magazine LSA dedicated to catering professionals.
New for 2012: SIAL meets food industry professionals on Linked In. Discussion groups organized around topics specific to the sector and supervised by experts will be launched each month until the show.
And always … all the industry news and SIAL trade shows in the world on the website SIAL international agri-food trade fairs.

3 SEO articles not to be missed

The SEO news has been dense in recent weeks. Here are three useful information not to miss if you were at the beach in the past month. All these are to be found on the blog site , held by a project leader SEO.

An SEO conference not to be missed

If you are not yet aware, here is good news for you. Two days of virtual SEO conferences will be organized in September, gathering experts in all the relevant branches to obtain a good SEO. The price is totally derisory, 130 € HT, which are nothing compared to the generally used for this kind of events. Especially since these are virtual conferences, so no travel costs!

Come quickly to register for Visibility Live Camp 2012 organized by Raphael Doucet.

Follow the history of your links via GWT

A big gap in the webmaster tools was in tracking links. In fact, the previous table only allowed you to know which sites were linking you, and they were sorted by number of incoming links. Matts Cutts has just announced a big change for this tool: now you can keep track of your links by date of inclusion by our friend Google. A very useful feature in your netlinking campaign, but also in case of Negative Seo.

Choose your domain name

Choosing your domain name is not easy. Indeed, we must reconcile brand name, referencing, mnemonic …

  • Some tips are to respect:
  • Own your own NDD
  • Choosing the right TLD extension
  • Take the typosquatting garre
  • Purchased an expired NDD

This choice is not easy, you have to take your time and think! It’s all your communication that will be based on your NDD, so be careful!

COFIDIS Mobile announces the launch of new attractive offers

Villeneuve d’Ascq, June 20, 2012 – Presented on its newly launched merchant site, , these offers have evolved to better meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

The COFIDIS Mobile offer consists of a short and clear range, which revolves around packages offered without mobile. These packages allow customers who do not need or do not want to buy a new phone, to take advantage of an offer at very low cost.

 The COFIDIS Mobile offer

 Classic Package

• 2h call

• Unlimited SMS for 3 € more per month

With commitment: 6.99 € / month – No commitment: 9.99 € / month

Multimedia package

• 6 hours of calls

• Unlimited SMS

• Top web top 3G +: 1GB (rate adjusted beyond)

With commitment: 16.99 € / month – Without commitment: 19.99 € / month

 Mobile telephony: a new challenge for COFIDIS

 The telephony sector and the consumer finance sector have many points in common: both of them are undergoing major change and require a real involvement in the service to the consumer, an element that has always been at the heart of COFIDIS ‘strategy. By developing a range of telephony services for everyone, COFIDIS has taken a new step in its customer relationship and confirms its ambition to be the daily partner of all budgets.

 “Our commitment to innovate again and again for our customers is fully visible through the adaptability and responsiveness of our mobile phone offers. Just like our financing solutions, they are designed to offer a response perfectly adapted to the constraints and the expectations of each one. Whether it is a one-off financial assistance or a telephony contract, COFIDIS supports its customers in all aspects of their budget management, “ explains Olivier Allender, Commercial Director of COFIDIS France.

 The mobile financing offer: an effective answer to small budgets

The range COFIDIS Mobile aims to meet the needs and budget of each, so it is possible to subscribe to a package without a phone. However, for customers wishing to acquire a mobile phone, COFIDIS also offers the possibility to benefit from payment facilities by spreading the payment of the phone in 3, 6, 12 or 24 monthly installments without cost . Spread over several months, the cost of the phone becomes more bearable and offers everyone the opportunity to acquire a mobile phone or a high-performance smartphone.

COFIDIS Mobile offers a wide choice of mobile devices benefiting from these financing solutions, and at the best price: from the Iphone 4 to the latest Samsung, the best mobiles are now accessible to all. For example, the brand new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 is available at Cofidis Mobile only 23.71 € per month in 24 months without charge, or 569 € in total!

About COFIDIS-Mobile

COFIDIS-Mobile is a service of the operator NRJ Mobile.

About COFIDIS France

With 3.5 million customers and 850 partner brands, COFIDIS has been one of the leading consumer credit players in France for 3 decades (revolving loans and personal loans, payment solutions, debt repurchase and partnerships). A player strongly committed to supporting its customers, COFIDIS relies on personalized advice, innovative tools and services and credit education to make the consumer a player in his budget, informed and responsible. COFIDIS also contributes to the commercial dynamism of retail chains and e-commerce sites thanks to efficient and tailor-made solutions in terms of payment facilities (4-star card,, 3xCB, redeemable credit). For more information:

How to fight against bike theft in 2012

It is a fact, as every year the spring and summer periods cause an upsurge in theft of bicycles. No fewer than 400,000 bicycles are stolen each year, which more concretely represents 1 bike theft per minute.

What are the main causes of bicycle thefts?

You should know that almost 50% of bicycle thefts happen at your home whether in your garage or in your building hall. The reasons are recurrent and without appeal: either the bike is badly attached or not secure at all, or the bicycle lock is of poor quality.

It should be noted that few people complain (1 of 2) and this, because it usually does not result in what does not deter thieves to start over.

Solutions to fight against this scourge?

Vian Antivandale has made bike theft priority, that’s why they offer locks adaptable to all types of bikes whether it is an ATV, a VTC, a city cycle or an electric bike. Their simple and effective solutions make it possible to secure the wheels but also the saddles of the bicycles. Made of high-strength steel and treated against corrosion, these anti-vandalism solutions combine lightness and robustness.

A website has also emerged Simple and effective, this one aims to centralize the advertisements of stolen bikes on the whole of the hexagon.

Developed at the initiative of the FUBICY (French Federation of Bicycle Users), the Bicycode marking also gives you a chance to recover your property.

Taking out a bike insurance policy can also be a way to protect yourself. Available at € 20 a year (approximately), it allows you to be reimbursed up to € 1,500.

It is up to you now to make the necessary arrangements to hope to keep as much time as possible, your means of transport so important to you.