How to choose a cat insurance?

Your kitten regularly falls ill? It may be time to think about getting insurance for a cat then! This saves a lot of hassle and expense, but you have to choose it carefully.

What’s the point of a mutual for a cat?

Like the health insurance for humans, the mutuals for the pets allow to cover the medical expenses of the insured animal without having to spend a fortune. Of course there are various levels of coverage for your pet that cost more or less depending on your needs and your means.

Important parameters to watch?

It is essential to check that your cat insurance covers all major veterinary expenses (vaccines, tattoo, cat collar , etc.) as well as large costly operations (intoxication, eye surgery, etc.). If you are really attached to your cat we also advise you to take out an insurance which will take care of the administrative formalities during the death of your cat in order to avoid you drowning in the paperwork during this difficult moment to live.

Some examples of good mutuals for pets?

There are a multitude of insurances and insurers various and varied offering almost an infinity of solutions: some cover for example the purchase of accessories. Therefore, it is quite difficult for a neophyte to find his way, which is why, even if it is better for you to choose a formulated adapted to your animal, we have selected some assurances that cover the necessary to a price more than reasonable.

First of all, there is the insurance of ECA insurance, which offers global coverage for a reduced price. But beware, this insurance does not cover your pet’s large operations at 100%, so be sure to plan a small cash.

The second fairly nice insurance is “Fidelio” which like that of ECA insurance offers a fairly comprehensive package for an attractive price.