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The internet is the platform for sharing an incredible amount of information, whether it’s knowledge, text or video. Individuals have realized that they could make the buzz with a video of their daily lives, because we all happen something that will be of interest to other people. Then putting the video online is child’s play since a lot of sites can take care of broadcasting videos.

If you are looking for entertainment on the web and you surf a bit at random, you should go to tout-bon.com which is an excellent address for anyone who wants to laugh heartily situations all more funny than each other. Indeed the site is specialized in funny video and you will not be disappointed with your visit.

Indeed, there is something for all tastes and whether video buzz or humor contained in the images, you will derive a great pleasure. Laugh but also compassion in some situations that we would not like to live. Often the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others, and in our case, we must recognize that some characters are hilarious. You will only know when to discover the impressive number of videos on this site.

Let’s take an example with an article published today on all-good: 6 masked men burst into a motorcycle shop to steal a brand new ducati. But they had not planned the abnegation of an employee who will do everything to prevent them. Several other people, alerted by the noise, will then urge to help the assaulted man and manage to put the six robbers to flight. A beautiful example of solidarity summarized in this video that has been buzzing for a few days and was shot in England, near London.

Aggreko is betting on after 2012

Announced as the largest event in the world, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will bring together 15,000 athletes from 205 countries to compete for 31 days of sporting competition. These Games will be watched by 4 billion spectators around the world. For Aggreko, the world leader in temporary energy solutions and temperature control and the official supplier of temporary energy services for the Games, this event will be the culmination of two years of work, which will allow the company to future generations a legacy that they will be able to enjoy long after the closing ceremonies of 2012.

Aggreko is estimated to provide more than 260 MW of power throughout the Games with over 500 generators, 1,500 km of cables and 4,500 switchboards – the largest ever energy deployment ever. for a sporting event in the UK. The main energy and backup energy will be provided by Aggreko’s technology which will be present on each of the 39 sites of the Games.

In total, Aggreko has invested this year a colossal £ 350 million in a new fleet. Part of this investment concerns the fleet that will be used for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and whose specialized temporary energy equipment can be deployed to other sites in the future. Generators built at the £ 22 million Aggreko’s new state-of-the-art production facility in Dumbarton, Scotland, have already been transported to London by train as part of the program to reduce the impact of its equipment on the industry. ‘environment. With such a large fleet of new equipment that can be specially deployed for major events, Aggreko hopes to have the opportunity to offer its temporary energy services for such events,

For the London 2012 Games, Aggreko’s team of specialized engineers, led by Robert Wells, Olympic Business Director, provided valuable project experience and the strong skills acquired by many of the team members involved in the project. have worked in the past on major international sporting events, including the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. They have been tasked with providing a highly temporary temporary energy solution for the London 2012 Games. efficient, unprecedented in scale and complexity, from system design to installation and maintenance. Thanks to recent progress, including the development of high-definition television and the increasing use of Internet technologies,

Aggreko’s core team will be supported by a team of design engineers and service employees specially selected for the occasion, who will focus exclusively on meeting the company’s commitment to the Organizing Committee. London 2012 Games (LOCOG). A total of 200 electrical engineers, electricians and other field staff will work at 26 sites in London and 13 sites in the rest of the UK. These specialized entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to gain valuable skills in areas as diverse as logistics, project management, health and safety.

“As a key supplier, we are fully committed to helping LOCOG achieve its goal of organizing ‘the most enduring Games in history,’  commented Robert Wells. “Aggreko strongly believes in a future where sustainability is a critical factor in winning important projects. With our continued commitment to innovation, we will be able to make the London 2012 Games the largest sporting event in the world and serve as a reference for the industry in general so that future events can also benefit. 

The aliens

Do extraterrestrials exist?

For a long time men have been fascinated by the possibility that a life could have developed elsewhere than on earth. Over time, “Ufology” emerged, an amateur discipline consisting of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data (photographs, testimonies or landing traces). Despite this, today there is no compelling evidence of the existence or non-existence of extraterrestrials.

Appearances, kidnappings and meetings of the third type:

There are many testimonials from people who have observed strange and unexplained phenomena. Extraterrestrial
events can be divided into three main categories: observations of saucers or traces resulting from a landing, abductions (apparently to conduct experiments on humans) and encounters with entities. For example, in 1978, two captains, Powell and Randell, flew to New Zealand when they saw mysterious lights in the sky. These observations were also recorded by their radar. A few days later, a film crew investigating part got twelve seconds of film from the same phenomenon.

In 1947, Wiiliam Brazel, owner in New Mexico, informed the sheriff that he had seen the debris of an explosion on his land. After the incident was reported to the Roswell military base, Brazel was detained for the time of the investigation. Commander Marcel, who was in charge at the time of picking up the debris, then claimed to have seen a material similar to an aluminum sheet, wrinkled and covered with strange hieroglyphics.
Subsequently, reports of autopsied bodies on the air base, destroyed saucer buried in the mountain and appearances at the scene of the crash.
Much of the alleged extraterrestrial apparitions may have trivial explanations, but these visions are so numerous that the small percentage of unexplained incidents still represents several thousand cases.

Extraterrestrial life from the point of view of science:

All scientists agree that extraterrestrial life is theoretically possible.
Indeed, our universe is composed of about 100 billion galaxies each with 300 billion stars on which are attached a dozen planets. It is therefore highly likely that life has developed on one of them.
The scientific community is also interested and researches through, among other things, the SETI program, an American scientific project aiming at locating electromagnetic waves emitted by extraterrestrial civilizations. For this they analyze space waves and try to detect radio signals or lasers.

Agathyou: the celebrity news such as you’ve never seen

Need to escape, to clear your head? Want to take a break? On this blog people, you will find all the entertaining information that make the buzz.

Discover a different news from the stars  !

All scoops of your favorite celebrities are just a click away and you can even find the unpublished news of the day not to be missed and not yet treated by the “big” celebrity sites.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Which stars are partying together? Which film flopped at the box office? What news from the saga Chris Brown / Rihanna? You will be the first to know! And besides, you will have all the little crispy details.

This blog is therefore entirely dedicated to our favorite stars: from Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to Rita Ora, we tell you everything about their private life and their professional life!

On the menu: an “actus stars” section, obviously to know everything about the life of our celebrity friends, but also a celebrity fashion section that deciphers all trends in style, a section dedicated to American television series like Gray’s Anatomy and a section dedicated to movies buzzent.

You will find funny videos, scoops, folders “focus stars” or new and original stars looks on agathyou.com.

In the end, Agathyou is more a blog people as opposed to “big” sites of the press people: you will find different information on the stars! The news people are cross-checked by us on Beyoncé and Jay-Z or Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux!

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New releases at the cinema in 2012

2012 is a very interesting year for film news. Be it comedies, horror films, documentaries, sentimental dramas or action movies, cinemas around the world are offering and offering real masterpieces in 2012.

In a cinema near you!


There is no need to say, comedies are popular in the cinema in 2012! Many novelties are in the spotlight as for example, The dictator, The pirates, as well as Mirror, Mirror. However, one of the most anticipated comedies at the movies in 2012 and without a doubt Graduation madness: The meeting . This comedy tells the story of a group of friends who had hectic experiences during their school years.

Action films

There are a lot of action films at the movies in 2012. It’s also this kind of film that sits atop the American and Canadian box office. Among his films, you can think of Naval Battle, Men in Black, Chernobyl Newspaper and the film Sane and Save. However, the biggest action movie of the year goes to The Avengers , an action movie featuring the greatest superheroes of American cinema.

Horror movies

We can not talk about cinema without referring to the horror films, which are becoming more and more numerous on the big screen and enjoying unprecedented media coverage. In 2012, several horror films attract our attention as for example; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Prometheus and Possession. Personally, I find that there are few quality horror films at the moment in the cinema since the last years because in my opinion, it is all alike. Only a few films deserve to be considered as for example, the Decadence film series.

Which cinema to choose?

Being a big fan of cinema , I was very often disappointed with the cinema projecting the desired film. Of course, being a resident of the city of Montreal, it is not the choice of cinema that is lacking. Personally, I have already been watching a film in a cinema where the benches were simple chairs and where the film was projected on a projector screen with holes. It was a very unpleasant experience. Of course, these cases are very rare. Today, the majority of cinema come from the latest technologies to satisfy the clientele.

Recently, I experienced 3D cinemas. finding; I could never do without it! 3D cinema offers many advantages over traditional cinema. For example, cinemas with 3D rooms have a lot of financial resources, which guarantees a quality experience. Secondly, 3D movies allow you to experience the emotion of the film more intensely, immersing yourself in the characters’ universe.

Rastabuzz, the funny video site

Hello everyone, today we present you a website that will allow you to spend really good time.

Rastabuzz is a site of videos of humor and unusual, all our videos are classified by categories, you will for example find the category video brawl , the category funny video, video animals and much more. All our videos are sorted so you can find them quickly.

You’ve already wondered what it was like if you put air bags in a washing machine, if you put a cubi of wine in a microwave is that we turned on the microwave, if it is possible to fall inside a trot or what happens if you stick a tape of tape on the belly of a cat? Thanks to Rastabuzz you will find the answers to these questions and many other questions that you probably do not miss yet. Rastabuzz is the site that will allow you to perfect your culture and fill in blanks in conversations.

Whatever style of video you like, you will find the video that will make you laugh or impress you on our site. Whether you are alone on a rainy afternoon, in the evening with a few friends or taking a break at your workplace, rastabuzz is the place where you can spend time while laughing.

We also invite you to join our facebook page to enjoy exclusive videos posted on the site in real time on your facebook wall. You will also find a lot of funny pictures that will give you a good laugh about you.

So what are you waiting for, you too come join us on rastabuzz.

Strike of 12,000 gold miners in South Africa

12,000 Gold Fields gold mining workers went on strike, this recent conflict is likely to have a significant impact on mining activity across the country.

Gold Fields, the world’s fourth-largest gold producer, told the KDC mine that the miners have been on strike since Wednesday night after a dispute between the unions and company representatives.


Gold Fields representative Sven Lunsche said the surprise strike has no direct connection to the recent crisis in the Marikana mining complex where 44 people were killed after laying down their tools and refusing to work to claim wages. higher. However, it recognizes that “the atmosphere in the mining industry is currently very volatile and this could have a direct impact on the situation”. This crisis had already resulted in a loss of 1,600 ounces of gold a day.
The unrest in the Lonmin-operated mines in London-based Marikana has been spurred by a dispute between two rival unions, the Mine Workers’ Association and the Workers Union, a new movement that has made breakthroughs. in the gold sector.

AMCU does not have representatives at the Gold Fields mine, although it has already tried to recruit members there. Industry representatives stated that the fact that gold producers used collective bargaining to negotiate with unions should reduce the risk of disability for Lodmin society but also benefit the entire industry sector. gold.


But the Marikana crisis has increased nervousness throughout the industry, while highlighting what appears to be growing dissatisfaction among workers with the NUM, which has been the dominant union in the mining sector for three decades.

Lesiba Seshoka, a NUM spokesperson, said the union had sent a team to the KDC mine to see what the workers’ concerns were. However, he denied rumors of internal trade union conflict as “purely false”.

He added that workers ‘concerns seem to be related to mandatory funeral coverage under which a portion of workers’ wages is deducted each month.

Mr. Lunsche says the funeral cover was initially put in place at NUM’s request, but was removed from the bargaining table by the company as soon as it was raised

e as a problem by the workers.

In Marikana, Lonmin continued to hold talks with the unions, mediating with government officials to try to find a solution to the crisis. Last Friday, less than 6% of the company’s 28,000 employees came to practice their profession. The strike costs Lonmin 2500 ounces of gold lost production per day.

The redemption price of gold  could be pulled up in the next few days, but it seems that the situation should quickly return to normal: no need to sell or buy in a moment of panic.

Comparison of reimbursements of mutuals Guide-assurance.com


Insurance Guide is a comparator online price guide and information about current events in France in the field of insurance; thus it allows to directly compare the rates and guarantees of several companies and mutuals , brokers or having their own products and guarantees.

Our comparison of mutual helps you calculate, compare and visualize warranties and refunds and mutual health insurance companies instantly.

The main advantage is that the user looking for a mutual health, can view in one click several formulas and different guarantees that we offer you in full transparency.

Thus the offers posted on our site, with transparency and objective, allowing us to offer you the most competitive mutuals on the market.

Comparing the reimbursements of a mutual health, allows you to enjoy more choice, freely without constraint or pressure, the consumer is free to play the competition in his favor.

Our mutual comparator is based on display automatisms according to the guarantees, the tariffs, or then the level of refund wished. Our comparator allows you to calculate your estimate immediately .

In general, 3 steps are expected to obtain an optimized quote proposal.

Step 1:   Fill out the comparator form which usually consists of several fields

(Name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone, number of dependent children, needs (optics, dental, …)

Step 2: Display of rates and online consultation of different options and refund guarantees …

Step 3: Generally, this is the step where you can request a personalized quote online, or be reminded, or so, for mutual comparators allowing the subscription, to make a mutual subscription online.

Most of the offers, provide an immediate whole life membership.

Fast reimbursement through the direct transmission of information by your primary health insurance fund.

Third-party payer card with health professionals. Reduced rates for families with free from the third child. Guarantees that range from 100% up to the actual costs. Birth package. Third party paying with partner opticians. Payment for lenses not reimbursed by Social Security. In case of hospitalization

In case of hospitalization

Supports the accompanying bed for children under 12 years old.

Special room. Support for television costs. Keeping your children at home. Keeping your pets. Possibility of exemption from your contributions in case of unemployment. Possibility of daily allowances on the same contract. Complete information on all the guarantees for your mutual health. Enhanced warranties for optics and dentistry.


A mutual comparator, uses online analysis systems, allowing comparison and access to guarantees and tariffs, according to the criteria of care to be performed.

Website: www.guide-assurance.com

Conquering the human genome

Today we are opening a new era in human biology and medicine. Two rival teams of scientists this week present their first interpretations of the human genome, which is the set of encoded DNA instructions that specify a person.

A team, Celera Genomics, has compiled a list of parts of the proteins needed to make a person. The other team, a state-funded consortium, traced the story of how “junk” regions accumulated genome and found that small elements of the junk can play a useful role. They also discovered that human genes were obtained directly from bacteria. The two teams announced last they had assembled the human genome, but it will take a little longer to properly analyze the results.

The interpretation of the human genome

The identification of genes, their functions and controls, and how they relate to human physiology and disease – is expected in time to revolutionize medicine by clarifying the mechanism of many diseases and generating new tests and treatments .

Physically, the genome is tiny – two copies of it are packed in the core of every ordinary human cell, and each of them is about one-fifth the size of the smallest grain of dust that the eye can see . But the genome is vast in terms of informational content. Composed of chemical symbols designated by a four-letter alphabet of A, T, C, and G, the human genome is some 3.2 billion letters in length. If printed in standard characters, it would cover 75,490 pages of this newspaper.

The enormous task of decoding the genomic message began in 1990 and is now almost complete, although the versions of both genome teams are riddled with gaps.

With so much effort and scientific brilliance at stake, the members of each team remain highly critical of the other approach, believing that their own strategy for decoding the genome is likely to produce the better and more accurate version. Since June, however, both have had criticisms of inhibition and observe a limited truce. The pact called for a joint announcement, made at the White House on June 26 last year, that each party had finished assembling its version of the genome, and joint publication of their findings, which occurs later this week .

The joint publication, however, is about as separate as a union could be, with articles from each party appearing in rivals published scientific journals on different sides of the Atlantic. The results were to be announced tomorrow, but the embargo was lifted by the two journals after The Observer of London, it broke.

One team is a consortium of academic centers, primarily in the United States and Britain, but with members in France, Germany, China and Japan. The consortium is funded largely by the National Institutes of Health and the Wellcome Trust in London. His version of the human genome is described in a 62-page article in the journal Nature, based in London. The lead author is Dr. Eric Lander of the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts

The other team is led by Dr. J. Craig Venter, President of Celera Genomics in Rockville, Maryland His report is featured in a 48-page article in Washington-based Science.

Despite the many differences between the two teams, they largely agree on their findings on the human genome. It is their first glance at a genetic document of extraordinary strangeness and complexity. Nobody expected it to be understandable at first glance and both teams have so far mapped only the main features of its terrain.

Their main discovery is how many human genes there seem to be. Textbooks have long fixed the number of human genes at around 100,000, but with the sequence of units of the human genome in hand, the two teams found much less than expected. Dr. Venter says he has identified 26,588 genes encoding proteins for you and another 12,000 possible genes. The consortium says there are 30,000 to 40,000 human genes. Both parties prefer the lower end of their range, their gene discovery methods tend to predict more genes than they think exist.

The low number of human genes – say 30,000 – can be considered good for medicine because it means there are fewer genes to understand.

Know everything about water leaks

It should be noted that even a small leak could cause immeasurable damage to your building and even your water consumption. The first thing to do then, if you find some brands of leaks that you will not be able to detect, is to seek the services of a water leak locator to locate the problem before solving it. .

How to fix a water leak?

Know above all that a water leak could have various origins. It could be visible (at a tap, flush …) or invisible (pipes, pipes …). Of course, it is not essential to use a leak detector when you are able to repair it. A plumber can repair or modify the faulty installation if you can not do it. A water leak detection company will be able to meet all your needs without problem with its inspection camera which allows to find any type of leak .

But for the other case, invisible water leaks, that a specialist’s expertise will be needed to detect this leak. In the garden, a terrace, the living room or other place related to your home, this kind of leakage is usually manifested by the moisture of the floor or the nearest wall or the floor if the faulty piping is located the. And even if they are drops, these leaks can cost you a lot of money.

Water leaks, molds, bad smells … how to correct them?

The development of the technology currently allows the use of high-end tools for an efficient location of leaks. It is with the help of these equipments that they can realize the requested works without destroying a wall or damaging your tiling.

These materials will be most frequently equipped with cameras to have a view of the pipeline whatever the environment, even the most impractical sites. So if you think that the amount of your water bill is much higher than the amount used, it is recommended to use the services of a leak tracking company, these leaks will often be responsible for this overconsumption. In short, if you are looking for water leakage through a leak detector, proposed on the website eyetecinspections.fr.