How to fight against bike theft in 2012

It is a fact, as every year the spring and summer periods cause an upsurge in theft of bicycles. No fewer than 400,000 bicycles are stolen each year, which more concretely represents 1 bike theft per minute.

What are the main causes of bicycle thefts?

You should know that almost 50% of bicycle thefts happen at your home whether in your garage or in your building hall. The reasons are recurrent and without appeal: either the bike is badly attached or not secure at all, or the bicycle lock is of poor quality.

It should be noted that few people complain (1 of 2) and this, because it usually does not result in what does not deter thieves to start over.

Solutions to fight against this scourge?

Vian Antivandale has made bike theft priority, that’s why they offer locks adaptable to all types of bikes whether it is an ATV, a VTC, a city cycle or an electric bike. Their simple and effective solutions make it possible to secure the wheels but also the saddles of the bicycles. Made of high-strength steel and treated against corrosion, these anti-vandalism solutions combine lightness and robustness.

A website has also emerged Simple and effective, this one aims to centralize the advertisements of stolen bikes on the whole of the hexagon.

Developed at the initiative of the FUBICY (French Federation of Bicycle Users), the Bicycode marking also gives you a chance to recover your property.

Taking out a bike insurance policy can also be a way to protect yourself. Available at € 20 a year (approximately), it allows you to be reimbursed up to € 1,500.

It is up to you now to make the necessary arrangements to hope to keep as much time as possible, your means of transport so important to you.