Storytelling Art or how to tell stories over the canvases!

For art lovers or simply lovers of beautiful things, a new movement has appeared Storytelling Art! And we will see that it exists on canvases, but also on unusual objects such as iPhone cases .

The principle of Storytelling Art? Tell stories through the paintings. This trendy movement was invented by Marc Ferrero . Desiring to create a mix of comics and paintings, he chose to extend stories through the paintings. In a very modern style and in sets inspired by the Comics, the artist relies on 3 main characters, which he illustrates and stages throughout his works.

But to understand where this idea comes from, you have to look at its path. This autodidact, passionate about TV series and movies from the 70s, is primarily a designer. Frustrated by the lack of space imposed by the comic strip, he decided to adapt his art large format version. Not decided to give up his ideas and characters, he invented Storytelling art to tell his stories. He then creates Lisa L’Aventura, the blonde diva, an English dandy and an afficionado of Argentinian tango and puts them in scene in urban decorations.

Over the years and after numerous exhibitions between Milan, Rome, London, New York, Paris and Kyoto, he has directed more than 5,000 works in private collections.

Originality continues! With his success the artist has chosen to decline his works on various media, including, surely the most original, the iPhone case . Justifying this, by wanting to make art accessible to all and so that everyone can own a work of art, he creates a collection of iPhone cases in limited editions. We find our 3 characters on our protective shells and personalize our smartphones with original visuals.