The underside of the wedding dress

Choosing the underwear you will wear under your wedding dress is of utmost importance. Choose from the  wedding dress collection  carefully so that they are perfectly tailored to your dress and provide you with a high level of comfort.

Comfort being the first selection criterion, the bride and groom bet and opt a lot for bustier or suspender garment sets, they provide a certain comfort and maintenance of the chest without using straps, especially if you wear a dress with shoulders clear. As for the straps, avoid the transparent and opt for a white color or flesh color that give a better look and if you can do without it it will be better. It should also be below as refined as your outfit.

The underside must draw your figure and be perfectly adapted to the dress or outfit you wear.

In case your outfit is slinky, opt for a thong and a microfiber lingerie that would be invisible, otherwise you have the free choice of the bottom you want to put.

The garter has remained a tradition in some areas, but it is not essential. This lace ribbon is attached by brides around the thigh and then auctioned. This moment when the guests pay for the garter up or down at the level of the leg of the bride offers a guaranteed atmosphere. The money from this auction returns to the end to the newlyweds. If you consider that this practice is a little misplaced, do not give in to the opinions of other people, because it is the day of your wedding. If you do not mind, this practice will surely be fun. Then visit the wedding dress shop for more info!