The aliens

Do extraterrestrials exist?

For a long time men have been fascinated by the possibility that a life could have developed elsewhere than on earth. Over time, “Ufology” emerged, an amateur discipline consisting of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data (photographs, testimonies or landing traces). Despite this, today there is no compelling evidence of the existence or non-existence of extraterrestrials.

Appearances, kidnappings and meetings of the third type:

There are many testimonials from people who have observed strange and unexplained phenomena. Extraterrestrial
events can be divided into three main categories: observations of saucers or traces resulting from a landing, abductions (apparently to conduct experiments on humans) and encounters with entities. For example, in 1978, two captains, Powell and Randell, flew to New Zealand when they saw mysterious lights in the sky. These observations were also recorded by their radar. A few days later, a film crew investigating part got twelve seconds of film from the same phenomenon.

In 1947, Wiiliam Brazel, owner in New Mexico, informed the sheriff that he had seen the debris of an explosion on his land. After the incident was reported to the Roswell military base, Brazel was detained for the time of the investigation. Commander Marcel, who was in charge at the time of picking up the debris, then claimed to have seen a material similar to an aluminum sheet, wrinkled and covered with strange hieroglyphics.
Subsequently, reports of autopsied bodies on the air base, destroyed saucer buried in the mountain and appearances at the scene of the crash.
Much of the alleged extraterrestrial apparitions may have trivial explanations, but these visions are so numerous that the small percentage of unexplained incidents still represents several thousand cases.

Extraterrestrial life from the point of view of science:

All scientists agree that extraterrestrial life is theoretically possible.
Indeed, our universe is composed of about 100 billion galaxies each with 300 billion stars on which are attached a dozen planets. It is therefore highly likely that life has developed on one of them.
The scientific community is also interested and researches through, among other things, the SETI program, an American scientific project aiming at locating electromagnetic waves emitted by extraterrestrial civilizations. For this they analyze space waves and try to detect radio signals or lasers.

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