Milly-la-Forêt: Discover a city steeped in history

Gallic origins

Milly la Foret in Essonne is an ancient town whose history began in 285 BC with the creation of the Village of Milly by Dryus (4 th King of Gaul). Later, it was transformed into druidic initiation center. A few centuries later, the Roman road was established allowing Milly to take advantage of trade flows and to play a major role on the territory of Essonne.

It was not until 52 BC that the Romans really got closer to Milly by setting up a Roman camp west of the city. All these movements in Gallic and Roman times have fortunately for our history left traces: Roman medals, gold coins with the effigy of Faustin of Rome and other vestiges were thus found.

A medieval epic

In 7 th century, the estate belonged to Milly Fulbert 1 st, who bequeathed it to his son Wulfram direction. The latter later decided to enter the orders. At his death, Charles Martel recovered the lands of Milly by adding them to the French royal domain.

From that date, the estate was handed over between the accounts, the nobles and the church. It is only in 1356 after the defeat of Poitiers that the city knew its first crises. It was ravaged by looters and partly destroyed by the English who took the city in 1371 (under the leadership of Edward Woodstock). It was not until 15 th century the area of the castle was rebuilt and the city was surrounded by fortifications. In 1497 Milly became the first relay of the royal road between Paris and Lyon.

All these times have left Milly many traces, including an architectural heritage out of the ordinary, some buildings are classified as a historic monument: The Chapel Saint-Blaise-des-Simples, The Castle, The hall …

A place to discover with family or friends

Take the time of a weekend in Essonne time to leave in the footsteps of our ancestors. Plunged in the heart of the most beautiful stories that have made this beautiful territory what it is today. With friends or family, you will make an undisguised pleasure to enjoy the benefits of the surrounding nature. Located about fifty kilometers from Paris, Milly-la-Forêt is a destination to be privileged to cut with the sometimes difficult stress of our Parisian capital.

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