Outfits to clothe your procession

Whether you are the mother of the bride, the sister or the best friend, you will certainly find what will make you happy in mymariée.com , which offers beautiful event outfits in festive colors. You will also find beautiful little children’s dresses that can also be associated with the dress of the bride. During our visit to mymariée’s bridal shop show booth, it was Eva, her little girl, who introduced us to her favorite models. A cute graceful doll who probably inherited it from her mum.

Lolita Lempicka wedding dress for Ekyog

The year 2012 will clearly be spoiled by collaboration between ready-to-wear and major couture brands. After Delphine Manivet for La Redoute, it’s the turn of the designer Lolita Lempicka to collaborate with Ekyog, the first ecological clothing brand in France. The shooting of the wedding dress collection took place on a September afternoon, during Fashion Week in Paris. A deliciously whimsical painting, like the magical world of Lolita Lempicka. Star of the whole, a very delicate chaste wedding dress.

A responsible and eco-friendly wedding dress:

What attracts our attention to this collaboration is of course the ecological action of Ekyog designer Nathalie Lebas-Vautier, this collection, just like the other Ekyog clothes, as well as the bridal dresses were designed from natural and organic materials, origins of a reverential sector to the environment. Part of the income will be donated to the Terre d’Ekyog Club, which is leading humanitarian projects all over the world, such as the education of children and the protection of the Amazon forest. Support for the evolution of organic production, as well as the production of wells in Madagascar.

This beautiful wedding dress was put on sale March 20, 2012, priced at € 495. So interested?

The history of Stout beer

Most Americans regard Stout as thick, dark, and very strong beers. It is also a common misconception that these black beers are more potent, simply because of their appearance.

There are many variations of stout beer style. Some are dry and some are sweet, others are very hoppy and some stout are breaking records in terms of alcohol content for a beer. All have this common characteristic of a roasted flavor that distinguishes them from all other beer styles. Usually, this roasted character comes from the use of roasted barley, which is barley grain that has not been malted, but very kilned. The process imparts a unique character to the grain and creates flavors ranging from unsweetened chocolate to the bitter taste of coffee.

In the late 1700s, some English breweries produced a large amount of very black and very strong beer, which was exported abroad, especially in the Baltic region. This variation was called the  Imperial Russian Stout . Brewed at an extreme strength, around 8-11% alcohol, and packaged for months or even years before being eaten, these beers were very popular in the Russian imperial court.

The first stout was officially marketed in the 1730s. Early versions of this drink were from Ireland, popularized by the Guinness Company.

Stout beer is made up of many types of malt. Other variants can be used such as oatmeal, which gives a soft character and a creamy foam to the beer. Irish Stout are the most famous types of this beer. They have an international reputation thanks to their extreme quality.

However, since the early 2000s, it is Quebec that holds the title of the best producer of stout beers in the world. In fact, over the last 10 years, microbreweries in Quebec have been the most influential in the world of beer internationally. In the past, Quebec microbreweries were inspired by the techniques of Belgian and German brewers. Today is the opposite.

Quebec producers have developed their own beer styles and have even created their own yeast strains. Stout beers from Quebec even made such a difference when, in 2011, La Criminelle beer, from the microbreweries La voie malte, won the best stout of the year award. This 10% black beer has broken new ground with unique flavors and a fine use of malt and hops. Other Quebecers such as the Stout Impériale of the microbrewery La Barberie and the Vache Folle, the microbrasserie Charlevoix have also received numerous awards in international competitions. There is no doubt that in the coming years, Quebec will be recognized as the main resource in the world of quality beers, along with Belgium and Germany.

Color wedding dress

You will prepare your wedding, you are concerned about the choice of your wedding dress. You want to forget the white too classic, a color imposed by tradition. Nowadays, a wedding dress in color is very trendy. However, many women are still hesitant about changing the monotony in the eyes of the entourage. But be aware that putting on a colored dress will enhance the beauty of your body even more. Only choose well in the catalog wedding dresswhich combines well with your complexion. Anyway, there is no law in the world that prevents you from wearing a colored wedding dress. It is up to you then to choose what your heart recommends. Color red, green, blue, … All the colors are now available for the dresses and they all go to wonder with the wedding dresses including black. We can adopt a unique color for a dress or associate some colors. But it is strongly recommended to associate at most 3 colors and not more. That way you will not give a clown image to your wedding ceremony. Here are a few color combinations to avoid: Green and Blue, Brown and Black, Pink and Red, Black and Navy, Purple and Plum, Parma and Lavender.

The color of the wedding dress embodies the value of the woman who wears it and at the same time promotes the princess side desired by most brides. Otherwise, dare color because it will also give an open mind, daring to young couples. Not to mention that, choosing a colored wedding dress will make this day a unique and uneven day.

So, if you are a future bride you can visit the wedding dress shop you find the different wedding dresses color.

Plan your own funeral pre-arrangement

A funeral pre-arrangement is an opportunity to carefully plan the funeral of a deceased person. It is not a difficult or complicated task and it can give you a freedom of mind that you will need during a grieving. Funeral pre-arrangements can eliminate some of the anxiety that can accompany mortality.

Simply, a pre-arrangement is a convenient and simple way of determining an individual’s willingness for a burial in advance. Prior funeral arrangement offers the option of choosing the preferred type of services and contour instructions for the final arrangements.

If you are planning your own burial, the funeral pre-arrangement can also serve as a guide for family and friends. That the forecast can be valuable in a time of stress. In anticipation of need, you and your family can discuss together, decide together and act together, on what will meet the needs of each, with regard to a funeral service.

It should be noted that all types of funeral home can be taken beforehand, which can be done at the funeral home or in the comfort of your own home, if you prefer.

Most people plan an orderly end to life with a will, appropriate life insurance benefits and retirement plan. The pre-funeral arrangement is part of this kind of wise planning. The biggest advantage is that with prior arrangement, choices can be made in a less emotional setting. These choices include the professional services required, the type of casket, suggestions for the funeral service and preference for burial, burial or cremation. Decisions made in advance can be made with less haste and without worry about death and the pressure of immediate decisions.

When discussing a pre-arranged funeral arrangement with a funeral director, it’s your opportunity to ask questions and get clear, concise answers. It’s time to make sure you understand what services are being delivered and why. It is also time to determine what the costs involved are. With this information, smart and informed decisions can be made.

When a death occurs, a period of adjustment begins for family and friends. Prior arrangement of funeral allows them to save the task of making important decisions about the final arrangements during a period of emotional stress.

Funeral can be taken in advance and prepaid at a funeral home in your city. The planning process can still be long and take more than just a discussion. Think of it as an open and honest conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. Trust and openness are an integral part of this relationship. When planning a meeting with a funeral director to discuss a prior arrangement, there will be two steps to the process. The first is an informal question and answers where you begin to determine and understand your needs. Then comes the more formal exchange of information and the registration of your wishes. A record of your wishes will be kept on file for future reference and may be revised upon request.

There are several important things you should consider. You can carefully consider the type of arrangements you will need in consultation with family, friends or clergy as well as the funeral director. You will probably want to follow religious practices as planned by your church. Be attentive to your family members who will be left by discussing your ideas with them and allowing them to offer their suggestions. Make general suggestions that can be adapted or adjusted to make the funeral more meaningful for the participants. Do not be too restrictive for those you love with unrealistic or even impossible demands. Be flexible. You must think of your arrangements as suggestions that will help those who will be involved at the time of death. Consider also, that the main reason for the funeral rite is to allow the survivors the opportunity to meet their own emotional and psychological needs.

The luthier: the best friend of your instrument

A luthier, from the French word luth , manufactures or repairs stringed instruments. For those outside the world of violin making, the term could be more closely associated with acoustic guitar making, but people who make mandolins, banjos, violins, cellos, dancanons, ukuleles, and other stringed instruments are also luthiers .

The luthiers themselves sometimes have to distinguish between plucked or scraped string instruments and the making of instruments that are used with a bow. In some cases, the luthiers perform only the repair of the instruments, without having the capacity to manufacture them.

In our modern era of automated design, assembly lines and prefabricated products, luthiers stands out as old-world craftsmen. The art of making and repairing stringed instruments goes back to antiquity, evoking a love for music. The luthier is a musician’s best friend, keeping his string instrument in excellent condition to increase the instrument’s life and maintain sound quality.

Many non-professional musicians playing music for personal pleasure may not be aware that luthiers exist or that instruments can (and should) be adjusted over time. The constant tension of the wood created by the strings, the environmental factors and other circumstances can combine to slowly push an instrument towards a deterioration This reduces by a factor known as playability, but a visit to the luthier is all that is necessary to give a personal mark to an instrument

Luthiers can also repair many types of physical damage. A common type of damage is a bumpy soundboard (at the top of the guitar), or at the back. It is often a physical trauma that crossed the finish line of the instrument and entered the wood. A luthier can clean, seal, patch and finish for the damaged area.

If the buzz strings, if the action is at the top, if a precious or sentimental instrument is damaged, or if your instrument has spent years in the closet, a luthier is the person to call . Under his supervision, your instrument will find all its charm. Often, professionals buy top of the range guitars and will immediately bring it to the luthier for this one he puts a personalized touch by improving certain points such as the height between the strings and the neck.

Music stores routinely provide luthier services to provide a complementary service to their customers who purchase instruments. If you instrument is valuable to you, you should perhaps check the sources of your instrument maker. Often small workshops are the best compared to big box stores. It is also worth paying a little more expensive to have the services of a very experienced luthier, if your instrument is important to you.

The history of parcel delivery in the United States

Parcel delivery is the shipment of parcels by mail at higher value than single shipments. While the service is provided by most postal systems, private delivery services also exist in competition and set up in the main public postal services.

Parcel delivery in the United States

Private parcel services have occurred in the United States partly due to dissatisfaction with the US Post Office, whose rates are frequently inflated due to the monopoly it held on the post and the appointment of postmasters jobs with political patronage. In 1852, Wells Fargo was the first company formed to provide both banking and express services. These have hand in hand, as gold handling in California and other financial issues required a secure method to transport them across the country. From 1869 the mail service began to use the train as a means of transport thanks to its high speed.

In 1913, road freight services rose quickly with the advent of petrol trucks. United Parcel Service had its origins in this era, first as a private courier service. The general improvement of the road network after the Second World War led to its expansion into a national service, and other similar services appeared.

Airmail was designed early, and scheduled service began in 1918. Airlines transported high value and perishable goods from the beginning. The most important progress, however, came with the “hub and spoke,” a system developed by Federal Express (now known as FedEx) in 1973. With deregulation in 1977, they were able to set up an air-based system capable of delivering packages overnight in most countries. In response, the postal service launched a comparable express mail service. The irony of fate, in the same period, they also began a contract with Amtrak to transport the mail by rail. So, at the beginning of the 21st century,

The role of parcel shipping groups

The continued growth of businesses and consumers (B2C) and e-commerce has increased the demand for low-cost packet shipping services. The demand for cheap parcel shipping is particularly intense for online retailers and catalogs. These merchants, many of whom ship mostly low-priced merchandise, face consumers who resist paying exorbitant shipping costs (often pushed upward by fuel surcharges, residential delivery charges, etc.). for the delivery of parcels to their home.

Large parcel carriers, such as United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx, often include a table of ancillary fees (such as fuel and residential supplements) in addition to their usual fees. The US Postal Service (USPS) offers inexpensive solutions for the delivery of small parcels at home, such as the Select Parcel and the Parcel Post. However, many merchants prefer low-cost shipping options without sacrificing the visibility of their transit parcels (“track and trace”). The US Postal Service does offer a limited “delivery confirmation” as their lowest cost parcel delivery services, but more robust tracking is currently available only for express mail service and international services. Instead of that,

Wedding dress accessories for the bride

Once you have chosen your wedding dress , go to the choice of accessories. This choice is of great importance, so it should be given enough time.

The veil remains an original accessory although some people sulk. You can choose a mid-length or trailing sail. If you choose the latter, try to choose caring children to hold it and avoid those who could crush you and that will damage your hairstyle afterwards.

If you opt for a hat, consult a specialist and try many models. But if you make this choice you should have a hat head or avoid it altogether.

You can also opt for head jewelry that is very used for the royal look they give especially for long hair. To have a natural effect; also think of a wreath of flowers.

As for gloves, take long if you wear a sleeveless dress or with short sleeves and short ones if the sleeves are longer.

For jewelery, take rather sober jewels to not detract from the shine of the dress and the ring the two things that must be really highlighted. You can put a chain and a light bracelet or thin earrings. By cons, if you decide to wear a simple outfit highlight your jewelry and accessories.

The bag is optional as an accessory and can be bulky especially with the bouquet. You can also think of the umbrella which is an accessory with a unique charm especially if you wear a traditional style dress.

So if you want more details visit this page.

Choose your shoes according to the tone and fabric of your dress. The most important thing in choosing shoes is that they are comfortable. Also plan to wear ballerinas at the end of the evening to enjoy every moment of your party.

The Pantheon Editions at the price of the best new CROUS

Jeoffroy Delépine, CEO of the Editions du Pantheon, was for the second year in a row president of the jury of the CROUS de Paris news contest. He returns to this event celebrating the creative writing of the authors of tomorrow, the students.

How was this awards evening held?
Ioffroy Delépine of the Editions of the Pantheon 
 : The evening was held at 12, rue de l’Abbaye in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. The four members of the jury and I were gathered at the CNOUS “Cultural Center of the 1969 Abbey”. Present as CEO of the Editions du Pantheon the figure of the publisher, by the authority it imposes, brings a recognition of the literary milieu to the winning texts. Natacha Deygas represented the CROUS cultural service in Paris. Dominique Barbéris embodied both the figure of the teacher and that of the writer. Yann Migoubert, meanwhile, represented the University of the Sorbonne, he is the head of the cultural service. Finally, Hervé Gardette symbolized the bodies of information since he is the media manager of France Culture Radio.

The manuscripts were to be sent before March 16, 2012. In the meantime, we became aware of the hundred or so news corresponding to the criteria defined by the conditions of participation and collected by the cultural service throughout the second semester. We then confronted our opinions, argued, deliberated and finally, voted.
We chose to reward Lise Menalque for The Howling , Alexia Luquet with The Opener , and Elio Possoz for The Great Festival . It’s Sarah Ghoula with a sick flowerwho broke away for the first prize, delivering us a text marked by great sensitivity. These students have distinguished themselves by their mastery of the genre, since every word must count to bring us to the fall of history. The different levels of reading presented by the new awards have been particularly noticed. Finally, considering the theme of the year, which was difficult to think outside the box, originality was a determining point.


Who are these young authors and what can they hope for?
The CEO of Editions du Pantheon
 They all come from very different sectors of the universities of the Paris region. Some pursue a course of modern letters, history, European law or comparative literature. They are truly young writers with a promising talent. If literature fascinates them, they must persevere and continue in this way. The first are now qualified to participate in the final straight that is the national competition. This time, their texts will be confronted with the best news selected on all French campuses. This prize will be awarded soon. The winner will be rewarded with a check for € 2,000, and the second for € 1,500. To celebrate what is above all a feast of words and writing, the best texts will be the subject of an edited collection. This last bonus is an important incentive to continue writing. It ensures a first recognition of the editorial environment, which can be worth argument with a future publisher.


Could you tell us more about the origins of this contest and the conditions of participation?
Les Editions du Panthéon
  : The CNOUS has always supported artistic initiatives among all students and all amateurs. This is even more true since the 2000s. The network of academic works organizes every year several national competitions to promote different artistic fields. Thus the CROUS of Lille took the initiative to create a new contest. In the same way, the regional university branches of Besançon, Orléans-Tours, or Clermont-Ferrand organized competitions relating to photography, comics or short films. Each academy then relayed these initiatives to see a national final.
Each year a theme is defined and common to all competitions. This year, it was the theme of “student life”. Students and the general public were to submit their news by March 16 at the latest. The compositions of the other disciplines were due on May 15th. In the case of the short story, the main formal constraint was not to exceed 2,500 words, the story must be brief. This one should have only few characters. The narrative frame had to be built around a single strong point. The work had to be completely original, that is to say unpublished, and must include a title. Every year, the details, the stylistic constraints, the rules and the registration form are available in the CROUS cultural services, on their websites or on the CNOUS website.


How are the Editions of the Pantheon facing this competition? What are the values ​​that the house defends?
  : The Editions of the Pantheon are a publishing house of books specialized in the general literature. They have varied collections, from the novel to the testimony. It is also a very important home from a university point of view because it is important for us to transmit knowledge and knowledge through the essays, theses and memoirs we publish. We always want to highlight the new talents of writing. In this context, we work with many students, professors and academics.

The collection that holds us, in this context, particularly at heart is of course that of our “tales and news”. This contest is important because it arouses passions for writing and words, especially among young people. This event contributes to the birth of a new generation of writers, talents and writers. The Editions du Pantheon support, therefore, any structure that promotes the desire to write and the sharing of its work with readers.

The guide for successful funerals

According to most sources, the cost of a burial is one of the three or four most expensive consumer purchases in their lifetime. Basic traditional funerals can cost more than $ 10,000. Although it is very expensive, there is no reason to believe that paying so much for a funeral shows how much you loved the deceased.

Many funeral directors or funeral homes will not tell you that you can have a completely legitimate funeral, with a nice casket, for less than $ 2,500. A number of cheap funeral homes can provide you with all essential services for under $ 2,000, and these funerals provide the same sense of memory as the more expensive ones. They can even be considered as a more appropriate way to honor significantly the spirit of the deceased.

When it comes to funeral expenses, you absolutely have to shop around and find the best prices. You may want to find a trusted funeral home to help you in your decisions, but you must remember that they will have their own interests in your purchases and that might not lead you to the best value. The cost of the funeral is not related to how much you care or respect the deceased. You do not have to negotiate with someone who tries to guilt you out of control in this way.

Be ready to go outside the tradition . Is it necessary to have a visiting right and a service falls? Can you combine the two services into one? Or maybe you could have a visiting and service right at the same time and have family only at the grave. Think about what is comfortable for you and your family and do not be afraid to break the norm.

See if a military burial is an option . If the deceased was a military veteran or married to one, they may be eligible for veterans’ funeral benefits. The burial at the cemetery of a veteran is much cheaper than in a public cemetery.

Use your church membership privileges . Many churches have cemeteries on their property. Due to lack of space, some churches limit their burial sites to church members and their immediate families. The use of the church hall / shrine for funeral services should be much cheaper than renting a funeral home.

Think of the cremation . While some people are against the religion of cremation, if it is not a problem, it saves a little money and becomes very popular.

Funerals are expensive. There is no way around this fact. Whenever possible, always try to get more than one estimate from a funeral home for the cost of the necessary funeral service. Prices can vary considerably between different funeral homes. A local funeral home is generally more affordable, and gives a better service than national franchises. All funeral homes in America are required by federal law to provide everyone with a written price for all funeral services and related products that they offer. This is known as the general price list, or GPL. The cost of the funeral will depend on the type of funeral services and the options you choose.

When determining the actual price of a funeral service, there are several things that need to be put in place before hand. Know your rights as a consumer. The funeral laws are not the same in every state and it is very useful to know what elements are required by law for a funeral service and the elements that are added as extras and are not required by the state laws.

Much of the cost of the funeral will depend on the type of casket you select. The costs can have a wide range of prices (usually runs between $ 395 and $ 10,000 plus tax). In the price ranges, there are services that are provided such as the maintenance of the parcel, the tombstone, the use of the funeral home for service instead, etc.

You do not have to spend a small fortune to have a good funeral service worthy, whether it be a funeral service or a funeral cremation service. Do not leave yourself or your family feeling obligated to order additional items or services that you feel are unnecessary. Prices must be fair compared to other funeral homes in the area. Remember, some of the larger companies are chains owned by funeral homes exchanges under several different names and it can be very difficult to tell the difference between an independent family funeral home and a chain owned by the funeral business. Corporations usually keep the family name of the funeral home, so be sure to ask if it is owned by the family,

A funeral director will guide you through the entire funeral procedure. Funeral directors can help to obtain copies of the deceased’s death certificate, write an obituary, help you follow religious observances, contact social security, make arrangements with a crematorium, etc. Unless you have made arrangements in advance, you will probably be forced to choose a funeral home quickly and emotionally. Try to get a recommendation from a trusted friend or clergyman.

The funeral rule

  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the national consumer protection agency and executor of the funeral ruler. The funeral rule allows consumers to compare prices between funeral homes and select the services of the house in which you want to use without having to buy a “package” of any kind. Among its other benefits and protections, this rule ensures that anyone who calls or visits a funeral home must be given a price list of all services.
  • The funeral rule also provides the following protections:
  1. Buy only the funeral arrangements you want : You do not have to buy a “bundle” of goods and services from a funeral home. You can buy funeral goods, such as a coffin, from an outside supplier and the funeral home must use it. You can pay for a memorial service and direct burial, but no embalming. It’s yours. Embalming is necessary in some states and in certain situations. If the funeral states that he is legally bound to your state or specific situation, they must provide the law that relates to the specific law.
  2. Get the price over the phone or in an office : Funeral directors must give you price information over the phone if you ask for it. The funeral home can not ask for your name, address or phone before giving you the prices.
  3. Get the price list before you see the coffins : Coffins are very expensive, and the less scrupulous funeral homes will force you to buy the most elaborate. Ask for the list of coffins prices before looking at the showroom .
  4. Receiving a written declaration before paying : The funeral home must provide you with a list of the items you have chosen and the total cost of these agreements.
  5. Use an alternative container for cremation : Funeral homes and crematoriums should provide alternative containers made of chipboard, fibreboard or cardboard for the cremation process. They can not force you to buy an urn from them. You can bring your own container for leftovers.
  6. Funeral arrangements without embalming : According to the FTC, no state law requires embalming. Some states only require a body to be embalmed or refrigerated if it is not buried or incinerated within a certain period of time.

Funeral expenses are divided into three basic categories:

  1. Fees for Basic Services for the Undertaker : There is a basic service charge that is allowed to be billed and you can not refuse to pay. This price includes the cost of securing death certificate copies of the deceased person, preparation of death notices, sheltering vestiges and coordination with third parties such as cemeteries or crematoria.
  2. Services and merchandise : These are optional costs related to the funeral and include things like coffins, embalming, transportation of the remains or using the funeral home for a memorial service or viewing, use of a hearse etc.
  3. Cash advances : These fees are billed by the funeral home for goods and services purchased from external providers on your behalf. These include things like flowers, death notices and fees for officiating clergy. If the funeral home can not give you an exact price for these initial services, they must provide you with a “good faith” estimate.

The biography of the group Sexion Assault

The Sexion assault group is currently one of the best on the hip hop scene in France with more than 350,000 copies sold, with the album “The school of vital points”. The group consists of eight members including Master Gims, Adams Diallo, JR, Lefa, Maska, Amos, Baby Joe and Dim ‘One. Initially, the group called 3 E prototype, is a collective of about twenty people, then in 2005, a first project: a mixtape “Middle Earth” was born with the help of producer Dawala Wati B. The years 2006 and 2007 mark on the one hand, the departure of three members of the group and on the other hand, Anti-Tecktonik.art, the release of their first clip:  History worse than true and Anti-Tecktonik. These two titles end up creating a controversy with the media. It is in 2009 that the group sexion of Assaut earns its full renown with the release thanks to two clips from the CD:  T’es Beast or What?  and  Wati Bon Son in feat with Dry. The big revelation of the group was made with the release in the bins in March 2010 of their first album, “The school of Vital points”. Three weeks later, the album is certified Golden Disc. The group’s career continues to climb over the years with the release in 2011 of an album “mixtage” titled Les Chroniques du 75: pending the Apogee. An album that has seen all these clips and has made over 100,000 copies. The group replicates in 2012 with the third excerpt of the climax with the title before it leaves in homage to the mother of JR, a title that met a huge success, sold from the first week to 66,000 copies, then certified gold disc, platinum disc and two months after platinum double disc. You can find free news of this group of rappers onZik2rap.com.