The Cubist: the first episode of the crazy series “Billion Dollar Factory”!

IP Leanware announces the launch of the first event episode of its “Billion Dollar Factory” web series. Named The Cubist , it is above all a tribute to The Artist, the most Oscar-winning French film in the history of cinema (with 5 Oscars – including Best Film).

It is thus by being transported in the world of the film The Artist that you will be able to discover the first adventure lived by the factory  Billion Dollar Factory , become Thousand Dollar Factory for the occasion. You will find Hugues O’Boss, William Liever and Albert Sceptyk in 1927, plunged into a morose period of crises, poor performance, and, strong competition due to the American factories of mass production. Hugues O’Boss then decides to call on Marcus Hetting and the IP Leanware team to stabilize their productions.

It’s against a background of black and white film, tap and jazz music that Mickael Oach, Jeannet Cloud and Javier Assix help the Thousand Dollar Factory! With the help of the first Braincube calculator, the IP Leanware retro team will be able to analyze the production data of the plant and discover the parameters to implement to improve the process performance.

Based on Hypercubic analysis, the Braincube calculator is a revolution reversing the world of static. Dedicated to improving performance, it is based on facts (complete data analysis) and not just on the expertise already acquired. Thus the data analyzes make it possible to reproduce the conditions necessary for the good performance.

Discover now The Cubist , the first episode of the series “Billion Dollar Factory” which will immerse you in the nostalgia of the silent cinema and the universe of The Artist. Featuring a team of tap dancers, specialized in improving industrial performances and finding solutions to Thousand Dollar Factory’s production problems – all on a very lively jazz tune!