The underside of the wedding dress

Choosing the underwear you will wear under your wedding dress is of utmost importance. Choose from the  wedding dress collection  carefully so that they are perfectly tailored to your dress and provide you with a high level of comfort.

Comfort being the first selection criterion, the bride and groom bet and opt a lot for bustier or suspender garment sets, they provide a certain comfort and maintenance of the chest without using straps, especially if you wear a dress with shoulders clear. As for the straps, avoid the transparent and opt for a white color or flesh color that give a better look and if you can do without it it will be better. It should also be below as refined as your outfit.

The underside must draw your figure and be perfectly adapted to the dress or outfit you wear.

In case your outfit is slinky, opt for a thong and a microfiber lingerie that would be invisible, otherwise you have the free choice of the bottom you want to put.

The garter has remained a tradition in some areas, but it is not essential. This lace ribbon is attached by brides around the thigh and then auctioned. This moment when the guests pay for the garter up or down at the level of the leg of the bride offers a guaranteed atmosphere. The money from this auction returns to the end to the newlyweds. If you consider that this practice is a little misplaced, do not give in to the opinions of other people, because it is the day of your wedding. If you do not mind, this practice will surely be fun. Then visit the wedding dress shop for more info!

Equip your terrarium with the Reptile

Your reptiles need to feel at home at home. However their natural environment is still nature!

Here is a brief summary of terrarium equipment for the most common reptilian species.


The ideal iguana terrarium

Your iguana must have a fairly large cage (depending on its size) with heated neon lights and suitable lighting.

Plan a climbing area. The ideal would be some branches whose size is roughly equivalent to the width of the body of your iguana.

In order for him to feel safe and secure, plan an area with leaves, branches (true or false) or a false cave, making sure to position them so that your iguana can hide. NOTE: An iguana that stays hidden all the time may be sick or extremely stressed.

Also, have a small bowl of water so that your reptile can drink fresh water if it wants it, because the iguanas get most of their water in their food so make sure the food you give is moist enough!

For comfort, consider providing a larger pool of water for him to swim.


The ideal Terrarium of the Pogonas

The ideal would be to acquire a terrarium 120x60x60, knowing that the height is not very important, because the pogona does not climb much!

Sometimes, some pogona babies have a little trouble with a terrarium of this size. It is necessary to plan to create a separation in order to retreate one’s place of life until they become adult.

You must put in the bottom of your terrarium a thick layer of substrate. Some are slightly damp and dry on contact with the terrarium air. As for the iguana, your pogona will love baths, plan a container with a little water!

Reptiles are ectothermic, that is, they depend on external heat. For their well-being, it is best to maintain a hot spot between 30 ° C to 33 ° C during the day and 20 ° C to 23 ° C at night.

In order to recreate this temperature change in your terrarium, build a warm 32 ° C side and a cold side on the other side. Use a thermostat to manage the temperature.


The ideal Terrarium of Pelomedusa

It will not be a simple terrarium but an aquaterrarium (adapted to accommodate water) so the size would be close to 100 cm x 50 cm.

Turtles are not good swimmers, it is necessary to limit the level of water so that they can breathe. It must allow the turtle to breathe by holding its hind legs on the bottom of the aquaterrarium.

The ideal would be that its water is between 26 and 28 ° C because below 26 ° C, it becomes fragile and may risk suffering from anorexia that can be fatal.

It will be necessary to provide a dry zone on a third of the aquaterrarium, it is advisable to add pebbles, branches and UVB lighting of 7% between 10 and 12 hours / day.


Here is a very interesting article on the different terrarium models available on the market.

The cat tree, the favorite toy of your kitten!

People who own a pet know that it is important to take care of them by giving them everything they need. Those who own a cat know that it needs to scratch itself but also and especially to have fun and that for that, he will use everything that comes to hand. To avoid seeing his apartment ransacked, it is better to offer him an indispensable accessory, the Web Animal chat tree . He will be able to make his claws without your interior looks like a field of ruins.

To find the best accessories at the best price, it is advisable to consult the online store It offers equipment that will allow your cat to jump, have fun and climb but also to make the claws. Your cat will finally find the essential accessory to no longer be bored in your apartment or in your home. No more walls, carpet or even the sofa that go to pieces. Now your cat has found his toy and he will not do without it. This object is the cat tree.

The advantage of is to be able to offer you a whole range of products at unbeatable prices. All you need to do is order online to quickly receive your product. In addition, for cats who like to hide or even sleep in quiet places, the cat tree is the perfect accessory. To find your cat tree, it is very simple it is enough to consult the section “chat” and you will find the object of your lust. even locked up in your house or in your apartment. To please him and allow him to have fun the cat tree is the object to absolutely own at home.

The tavern

The tavern of the Geek welcomes you 7/7 24/24

First there was NOTHING now there is the tavern,

I propose a technical point of view on the news as I see it.
I do not know how to draw. Humor, I may not have enough.

But the technique I have to sell! geekerie and chinoiserie will be waiting for you


the tavern is the ideal place to put it, the road to the goal set is long and perilous
Often lined with taverns with bright signs
And it’s hard to resist the invitation …

So look no further if you too is a fan of download, torrent, good plans, come share !!

If there was a subject that could gather all the geeks, it would be the tavern. Most geeks, whether programmers or not, have a close relationship with computers and new technologies, and will be able to use a computer at a higher level than an average person. ..

The main function of computer geeks is actually to weld the community of enthusiasts, for example through discussion forums or teams of players (in the case of video games). This computerized social practice is also combined with very real encounters between geeks, as mentioned above.

This importance of computing among geeks has given rise to a misconception of the geek, who would then be a mere follower of computer or modern technological tools. This conception is quite partial since the geek is not limited to a simple use of technological tools.

So you can find us here or be indulgent with me, my opinion certainly can not be unanimous, but will have the merit of existed.
Out of curiosity or affinity it’s all about you wading through the meanders of the web.