3 SEO articles not to be missed

The SEO news has been dense in recent weeks. Here are three useful information not to miss if you were at the beach in the past month. All these are to be found on the blog site Alsaseo.fr , held by a project leader SEO.

An SEO conference not to be missed

If you are not yet aware, here is good news for you. Two days of virtual SEO conferences will be organized in September, gathering experts in all the relevant branches to obtain a good SEO. The price is totally derisory, 130 € HT, which are nothing compared to the generally used for this kind of events. Especially since these are virtual conferences, so no travel costs!

Come quickly to register for Visibility Live Camp 2012 organized by Raphael Doucet.

Follow the history of your links via GWT

A big gap in the webmaster tools was in tracking links. In fact, the previous table only allowed you to know which sites were linking you, and they were sorted by number of incoming links. Matts Cutts has just announced a big change for this tool: now you can keep track of your links by date of inclusion by our friend Google. A very useful feature in your netlinking campaign, but also in case of Negative Seo.

Choose your domain name

Choosing your domain name is not easy. Indeed, we must reconcile brand name, referencing, mnemonic …

  • Some tips are to respect:
  • Own your own NDD
  • Choosing the right TLD extension
  • Take the typosquatting garre
  • Purchased an expired NDD

This choice is not easy, you have to take your time and think! It’s all your communication that will be based on your NDD, so be careful!