Aggreko is betting on after 2012

Announced as the largest event in the world, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will bring together 15,000 athletes from 205 countries to compete for 31 days of sporting competition. These Games will be watched by 4 billion spectators around the world. For Aggreko, the world leader in temporary energy solutions and temperature control and the official supplier of temporary energy services for the Games, this event will be the culmination of two years of work, which will allow the company to future generations a legacy that they will be able to enjoy long after the closing ceremonies of 2012.

Aggreko is estimated to provide more than 260 MW of power throughout the Games with over 500 generators, 1,500 km of cables and 4,500 switchboards – the largest ever energy deployment ever. for a sporting event in the UK. The main energy and backup energy will be provided by Aggreko’s technology which will be present on each of the 39 sites of the Games.

In total, Aggreko has invested this year a colossal £ 350 million in a new fleet. Part of this investment concerns the fleet that will be used for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and whose specialized temporary energy equipment can be deployed to other sites in the future. Generators built at the £ 22 million Aggreko’s new state-of-the-art production facility in Dumbarton, Scotland, have already been transported to London by train as part of the program to reduce the impact of its equipment on the industry. ‘environment. With such a large fleet of new equipment that can be specially deployed for major events, Aggreko hopes to have the opportunity to offer its temporary energy services for such events,

For the London 2012 Games, Aggreko’s team of specialized engineers, led by Robert Wells, Olympic Business Director, provided valuable project experience and the strong skills acquired by many of the team members involved in the project. have worked in the past on major international sporting events, including the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. They have been tasked with providing a highly temporary temporary energy solution for the London 2012 Games. efficient, unprecedented in scale and complexity, from system design to installation and maintenance. Thanks to recent progress, including the development of high-definition television and the increasing use of Internet technologies,

Aggreko’s core team will be supported by a team of design engineers and service employees specially selected for the occasion, who will focus exclusively on meeting the company’s commitment to the Organizing Committee. London 2012 Games (LOCOG). A total of 200 electrical engineers, electricians and other field staff will work at 26 sites in London and 13 sites in the rest of the UK. These specialized entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to gain valuable skills in areas as diverse as logistics, project management, health and safety.

“As a key supplier, we are fully committed to helping LOCOG achieve its goal of organizing ‘the most enduring Games in history,’  commented Robert Wells. “Aggreko strongly believes in a future where sustainability is a critical factor in winning important projects. With our continued commitment to innovation, we will be able to make the London 2012 Games the largest sporting event in the world and serve as a reference for the industry in general so that future events can also benefit.