I Went to Utah with My Boss

Of course I was happy enough to go to the football game with the boss. Ever since his wife left him the guy needs adult supervision, although in this case he seems to have found that from a girl about half of his age at least. I was in charge of finding what he wanted, the guy is worth millions and millions of dollars, but he is hopeless when it comes to the internet. I think that he did not want to search for an escort service near Provo, Utah on his phone before the divorce is finalized. At any rate it worked out a lot better for me than I expected it would. There were two of them when they showed up, the boss picked the one he wanted after we spent some time with them. Then he told the other one that I needed to relax before I exploded. In fact this was a really nice girl and I would not ever have guessed what she did if I had not known it in advance.

At any rate we went to the tailgating and then we went to the game. He went to Oregon State and apparently they are not that good at football right at this point in time. I was really neutral, but the girl was a big Utah fan, apparently she was a student there. At any rate she was like a normal college girl this night, she took a couple of shots of peppermint schnapps and drank a few beers. After that it was on between her and me. I woke up with an incredible thirst the next morning, and I found that she had made me breakfast. Apparently the boss decided to pay the both of them for the entire weekend. I found myself wanting to ask for her number the whole time.

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My Daughter Wanted a Pink Gaming Chair

My daughter loves to play video games. I never thought she would turn into a gamer and surprisingly enough, it does not bother me. That is because she has balance in her life. She plays sports, she has an active social life, she attends church twice a week with the rest of the family, and she is just an overall great kid. When she told me the only thing she wanted for her birthday was a pink gaming chair, I knew that she was going to get that, plus a few more gifts.

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I Guess That I Am Making Money on Bitcoin

I personally would not really know how to do a bitcoin trade, even though I have a degree in computer science. I do make really good money and I have rather few bills. I live in a small house that cost me next to nothing and I drive a reasonably priced car that I paid for in cash when it had 25 thousand miles on it. On the other hand my brother in law seems to be a real genius when it comes to this stuff and he has been making a huge amount of money trading in bitcoin. It seems like really risky business to me, but he and my sister Kathy seem to be completely undisturbed by the wild swings in the price of this stuff. Continue reading “I Guess That I Am Making Money on Bitcoin”

The Advantages to Utilizing Computersciencehomeworkhelpers

If you are a student in a computer science program, you may be covering topics like database management. In some courses, you will be required to submit a lengthy paper on various subjects. Fortunately, if you need assistance with either the research or the writing aspect of your essays, you can now consult with computersciencehomeworkhelpers.

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