How to choose a cat insurance?

Your kitten regularly falls ill? It may be time to think about getting insurance for a cat then! This saves a lot of hassle and expense, but you have to choose it carefully.

What’s the point of a mutual for a cat?

Like the health insurance for humans, the mutuals for the pets allow to cover the medical expenses of the insured animal without having to spend a fortune. Of course there are various levels of coverage for your pet that cost more or less depending on your needs and your means.

Important parameters to watch?

It is essential to check that your cat insurance covers all major veterinary expenses (vaccines, tattoo, cat collar , etc.) as well as large costly operations (intoxication, eye surgery, etc.). If you are really attached to your cat we also advise you to take out an insurance which will take care of the administrative formalities during the death of your cat in order to avoid you drowning in the paperwork during this difficult moment to live.

Some examples of good mutuals for pets?

There are a multitude of insurances and insurers various and varied offering almost an infinity of solutions: some cover for example the purchase of accessories. Therefore, it is quite difficult for a neophyte to find his way, which is why, even if it is better for you to choose a formulated adapted to your animal, we have selected some assurances that cover the necessary to a price more than reasonable.

First of all, there is the insurance of ECA insurance, which offers global coverage for a reduced price. But beware, this insurance does not cover your pet’s large operations at 100%, so be sure to plan a small cash.

The second fairly nice insurance is “Fidelio” which like that of ECA insurance offers a fairly comprehensive package for an attractive price.

Pest control of exterminators

One of the most difficult problems that apartment and building management companies face is pest infestation. In the vast majority of buildings built before 1980, one of the units will eventually have parasitic problems. These problems are a real scourge, especially in cities where insects are very present like Montreal or Mexico.

Integrated pest control for flats

Apartment managers should consider implementing an integrated pest management program as soon as the building starts. Integrated pest management is a step-by-step approach that is proving to be very effective. Instead of just spraying insecticide, a thorough review is done first to determine the best course of action. Here are the steps that must be followed:


Inspect the environment. Try to determine where the pests have come in and why they are coming. Is there a crack or crevice they use? Is there a moisture problem? Are the sanitary conditions adequate?


Identifying pests is a very important step. If you are not sure which type of insect you have found, contact your local pest management office and ask for insect identification to be done (staff at these facilities are generally very knowledgeable about pests in their area). region). Rodents are usually easily identified by looking at photos of the pests for comparison purposes and by the region where they are. If this step is skipped or the harmful pest is misidentified, pest management may fail.


Monitor areas that are suspected of being infested. Put platelets or spring traps for rodents and small insects. This will help identify which places should be treated.


All entry points found during the inspection must be considered. Cracks and crevices can be sealed with a Stuf-Fit copper braid or black polyurethane foam. Sealing beads around doors and windows should be replaced. The seals on the windows should be replaced if tiny insects are able to crawl through. Also, caulk around skirting boards and cracks around door and window frames to prevent insects from entering the apartment through the walls.


Many rodents and insects are attracted to areas where sanitation is not adequate. Sanitary areas such as the bathroom should be kept clean and regularly cleaned. Indoor garbage cans should be emptied and washed often as mildew can easily settle. Mold is one of the main reasons for the appearance of parasites that exterminators have to deal with. Counters and floors should be properly cleaned daily, especially if any damage occurs. It is important that shrubs and plants are well maintained to eliminate rodent animals such as mice or squirrels. Any moisture conditions such as leaking pipes or poor drainage should be checked.


Depending on the type of parasites you will have to deal with, there are many methods. For example, for small insects such as ants, the extermination specialists use the majority of the time as a simple insecticide. However, when your home is totally invaded and insecticides are no recourse, the exterminators can use more radical techniques such as thermal tents.

Because of the ease with which pests can move between units and buildings, it is of utmost importance to inspect and treat each unit of the building, but if there is no suspicion of infiltration. A written report must be provided to tenants explaining what the exterminator intends to do, what type of chemicals or traps are used and where traps or insecticides have been placed. Instructions, precautions or suggestions should be left on the report as well.

Inform staff and tenants about procedures

All building staff and tenants need to be aware of the procedures that will be put in place to deal with pests. The team of exterminators is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. For example, if the building has 40 units, the exterminator will have to go from door to door to reassure the tenants and especially, to indicate the different steps to follow in order to counter the parasitic problem they face.

A smart dog site

You just had a dog and you want the best for him. Well here is a site that is for you and your dog. The site Tassurtonchien is a site that deals with the health and welfare of animals such as the cat and especially the dog.

A rubric for names:
When you have just adopted a dog, the first thing you do is get him a name. And looking for dog names is not always easy especially if you want to stand out from standard names like booba or rocky. On the Tassurtonchien website you will find an innovative section where you can access a large list of dog names from A to Z.

A special health section:
Like all living things on this earth, your pet can get sick. And this is where our site comes because on the Tassurtonchien site, there is a section where you can insure your dog. The dog insurance includes many packages such as health mutuals who reimburse in case of accident medical expenses and surgical expenses and not only can also include the vaccination and dog fees.

A section designed for the quote:
Before insuring your dog you can make a quote of your pet. Thanks to the site you can make the free and immediate quote of your dog.

So if you just adopted a dog and want to insure it, the tassuretonchien site is at your disposal. And do not forget that your pet dog is an integral part of your family, if you have to take care of it every day, especially every minute you dear parents because the presence of a pet in a home also brings joy to children.

Equip your terrarium with the Reptile

Your reptiles need to feel at home at home. However their natural environment is still nature!

Here is a brief summary of terrarium equipment for the most common reptilian species.


The ideal iguana terrarium

Your iguana must have a fairly large cage (depending on its size) with heated neon lights and suitable lighting.

Plan a climbing area. The ideal would be some branches whose size is roughly equivalent to the width of the body of your iguana.

In order for him to feel safe and secure, plan an area with leaves, branches (true or false) or a false cave, making sure to position them so that your iguana can hide. NOTE: An iguana that stays hidden all the time may be sick or extremely stressed.

Also, have a small bowl of water so that your reptile can drink fresh water if it wants it, because the iguanas get most of their water in their food so make sure the food you give is moist enough!

For comfort, consider providing a larger pool of water for him to swim.


The ideal Terrarium of the Pogonas

The ideal would be to acquire a terrarium 120x60x60, knowing that the height is not very important, because the pogona does not climb much!

Sometimes, some pogona babies have a little trouble with a terrarium of this size. It is necessary to plan to create a separation in order to retreate one’s place of life until they become adult.

You must put in the bottom of your terrarium a thick layer of substrate. Some are slightly damp and dry on contact with the terrarium air. As for the iguana, your pogona will love baths, plan a container with a little water!

Reptiles are ectothermic, that is, they depend on external heat. For their well-being, it is best to maintain a hot spot between 30 ° C to 33 ° C during the day and 20 ° C to 23 ° C at night.

In order to recreate this temperature change in your terrarium, build a warm 32 ° C side and a cold side on the other side. Use a thermostat to manage the temperature.


The ideal Terrarium of Pelomedusa

It will not be a simple terrarium but an aquaterrarium (adapted to accommodate water) so the size would be close to 100 cm x 50 cm.

Turtles are not good swimmers, it is necessary to limit the level of water so that they can breathe. It must allow the turtle to breathe by holding its hind legs on the bottom of the aquaterrarium.

The ideal would be that its water is between 26 and 28 ° C because below 26 ° C, it becomes fragile and may risk suffering from anorexia that can be fatal.

It will be necessary to provide a dry zone on a third of the aquaterrarium, it is advisable to add pebbles, branches and UVB lighting of 7% between 10 and 12 hours / day.


Here is a very interesting article on the different terrarium models available on the market.

The cat tree, the favorite toy of your kitten!

People who own a pet know that it is important to take care of them by giving them everything they need. Those who own a cat know that it needs to scratch itself but also and especially to have fun and that for that, he will use everything that comes to hand. To avoid seeing his apartment ransacked, it is better to offer him an indispensable accessory, the Web Animal chat tree . He will be able to make his claws without your interior looks like a field of ruins.

To find the best accessories at the best price, it is advisable to consult the online store It offers equipment that will allow your cat to jump, have fun and climb but also to make the claws. Your cat will finally find the essential accessory to no longer be bored in your apartment or in your home. No more walls, carpet or even the sofa that go to pieces. Now your cat has found his toy and he will not do without it. This object is the cat tree.

The advantage of is to be able to offer you a whole range of products at unbeatable prices. All you need to do is order online to quickly receive your product. In addition, for cats who like to hide or even sleep in quiet places, the cat tree is the perfect accessory. To find your cat tree, it is very simple it is enough to consult the section “chat” and you will find the object of your lust. even locked up in your house or in your apartment. To please him and allow him to have fun the cat tree is the object to absolutely own at home.