How to choose a cemetery?

The human being is afraid of many things in life. Insects, for example, are an inexhaustible source of fear for many girls (as well as some boys!). In the big cities of this world, the fear of thieves or street gangs is quite present and can confine many citizens far from neighborhoods considered “at risk”. A fear, however, brings together the vast majority of the inhabitants of this Earth: the fear of death. Indeed, it is very difficult to predict that we will one day have to stop living to reach beyond, which is, let us say, relatively uncertain.

As a result, planning your own funeral or that of your parents is not easy. In addition to being quite expensive, funerals also require breaking their heads in many situations, including acquiring a location for their last rest. A question arises today: how does one benefit from a site in a cemetery following his death?

Purchasing formalities

First, it is usually at the town hall that you can buy a concession, so a land, in a cemetery. Each municipality has its own characteristics: the prices will vary, as well as the number of places available for burial, the taxes to pay, the size of the ground as well as the duration. Indeed, you must know that we pay a concession for a specific duration, which can vary from a few years until … eternity! When the concession expires and the family is not interested in renewing it, it will simply be the municipality that will take over the rights on the ground.

An indoor or outdoor cemetery?

In addition to the traditional outdoor cemeteries found around the world, there is also a type of cemeteryinterior, which could also be called mausoleums, which is becoming more and more important. This one, contrary to the commune, will be managed by a private company, thus a funeral home. Instead of buying land, you will buy a crypt instead where you can place your casket. This type of installation has of course a better protection against vandalism, but it can not be said otherwise that so many advantages exist to make a choice or the other. Of course, the outdoor cemetery will be accessible at all times, while the mausoleum will offer you some specific opening hours. We must therefore check whether what the funeral home offers you will suffice to the needs of your heirs!

Burial or cremation?

Of course, if you ever decide to use cremation as a means of disposing of your body, buying a concession in a cemetery would probably be far too expensive. The best alternative is to use a columbarium, a building specifically dedicated to the burial urns of deceased persons. Sometimes a columbarium is found in a mausoleum, or it will be in a separate building or at a funeral complex. It is possible by paying more to obtain an individual or family niche for your urns. Otherwise, you would rather choose to place it in community vaults, where the urns of several people are arranged.