Comparison of reimbursements of mutuals


Insurance Guide is a comparator online price guide and information about current events in France in the field of insurance; thus it allows to directly compare the rates and guarantees of several companies and mutuals , brokers or having their own products and guarantees.

Our comparison of mutual helps you calculate, compare and visualize warranties and refunds and mutual health insurance companies instantly.

The main advantage is that the user looking for a mutual health, can view in one click several formulas and different guarantees that we offer you in full transparency.

Thus the offers posted on our site, with transparency and objective, allowing us to offer you the most competitive mutuals on the market.

Comparing the reimbursements of a mutual health, allows you to enjoy more choice, freely without constraint or pressure, the consumer is free to play the competition in his favor.

Our mutual comparator is based on display automatisms according to the guarantees, the tariffs, or then the level of refund wished. Our comparator allows you to calculate your estimate immediately .

In general, 3 steps are expected to obtain an optimized quote proposal.

Step 1:   Fill out the comparator form which usually consists of several fields

(Name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone, number of dependent children, needs (optics, dental, …)

Step 2: Display of rates and online consultation of different options and refund guarantees …

Step 3: Generally, this is the step where you can request a personalized quote online, or be reminded, or so, for mutual comparators allowing the subscription, to make a mutual subscription online.

Most of the offers, provide an immediate whole life membership.

Fast reimbursement through the direct transmission of information by your primary health insurance fund.

Third-party payer card with health professionals. Reduced rates for families with free from the third child. Guarantees that range from 100% up to the actual costs. Birth package. Third party paying with partner opticians. Payment for lenses not reimbursed by Social Security. In case of hospitalization

In case of hospitalization

Supports the accompanying bed for children under 12 years old.

Special room. Support for television costs. Keeping your children at home. Keeping your pets. Possibility of exemption from your contributions in case of unemployment. Possibility of daily allowances on the same contract. Complete information on all the guarantees for your mutual health. Enhanced warranties for optics and dentistry.


A mutual comparator, uses online analysis systems, allowing comparison and access to guarantees and tariffs, according to the criteria of care to be performed.