Contemporary Art Gallery TOKADE: Paradise Place for Decorators

TOKADE Art Gallery 9 rue des Paradoux 31000 Toulouse, is the first gallery that had the incredible idea to gather hundreds of works of professional painter on the same platform. To highlight the artists and their works, the site allows each contemporary painter to exhibit and present twenty paintings in five imposed painting formats.

Accessible to all without exception the website, is a way to offer visitors and Internet users a human space where art is accessible to all. Indeed, whether we love art and decoration, contemporary art or modern art, the Tokade Gallery proposes to democratize them in all its forms. It requires more technical knowledge or sharp artistic culture to be able to enjoy and appreciate the artists who exhibit.

In all, there are nearly 500 works as original as each other and made by very talented artists who are exposed. Unique and authentic, the virtual and real gallery gives the opportunity to all to discover the exceptional talents of various painters and contemporary art sculptors. To give life to the brilliant idea of ​​democratizing art on the Internet, all artists present have all agreed to have their works authenticated. Each painting is unique and delivered with its signed certificate of authenticity. Known or emerging artists are rigorously selected by a selection committee for their originality, technique and approach. They all help to discover the diversity and richness of contemporary art.

Apart from the marketing of works of art, the Tokade Gallery is also for many artists: painters or sculptors, a showcase that allows them to discover to all the extent and diversity of their know-how. Figurative art, paintings and abstract sculptures, original paintings painted in acrylics or in oil … a wide choice of works of art is available. Very innovative, this gallery does not hesitate to mark the difference and the limits without daring to cross the politically correct. In fact, the rather cold and taciturn atmosphere of the majority of art galleries disappears as soon as you set foot there.

Paradise place for decorators, Tokade is undoubtedly the gallery to see absolutely to find authentic decorative ideas adapted to the needs. Indeed, as a specialist in modern art, the gallery offers paintings and sculptures of different sizes. Large size paintings are suitable for large spaces, and medium or small are really perfect to revive the color of a living room or bedroom.

As for prices, markets its works at very affordable prices. Art objects such as paintings or contemporary paintings are for example offered at 49 euros minimum. As for contemporary art sculptures, they are accessible from 50 euros.

Very famous among the art galleries of major French cities, such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the gallery is located in Toulouse, in the district of Carmes. She now appears as a must-see gallery in the Pink City.