I Guess That I Am Making Money on Bitcoin

I personally would not really know how to do a bitcoin trade, even though I have a degree in computer science. I do make really good money and I have rather few bills. I live in a small house that cost me next to nothing and I drive a reasonably priced car that I paid for in cash when it had 25 thousand miles on it. On the other hand my brother in law seems to be a real genius when it comes to this stuff and he has been making a huge amount of money trading in bitcoin. It seems like really risky business to me, but he and my sister Kathy seem to be completely undisturbed by the wild swings in the price of this stuff. In fact that is the entire basis of what he is doing. The price of bitcoin has always gone up year by year, but it has also always had wild fluctuations and if you are really good at figuring these out you can make huge profits.

It is rather simple, just like the old saying that you buy for a nickel and sell for a dime. At least you can boil it down to that. In fact you gamble on being able to guess when the price is going to fall and when it is going to rise. If you are smart and lucky you can turn a big profit either way. Roy seems to always be right or always be lucky, but I have become more nervous lately. At first it was not the sort of money that I would have had a heart attack over. Now it has grown so rapidly that I would like to move some of into something with a lot less drama than this seems to have.