The biography of the group Sexion Assault

The Sexion assault group is currently one of the best on the hip hop scene in France with more than 350,000 copies sold, with the album “The school of vital points”. The group consists of eight members including Master Gims, Adams Diallo, JR, Lefa, Maska, Amos, Baby Joe and Dim ‘One. Initially, the group called 3 E prototype, is a collective of about twenty people, then in 2005, a first project: a mixtape “Middle Earth” was born with the help of producer Dawala Wati B. The years 2006 and 2007 mark on the one hand, the departure of three members of the group and on the other hand,, the release of their first clip:  History worse than true and Anti-Tecktonik. These two titles end up creating a controversy with the media. It is in 2009 that the group sexion of Assaut earns its full renown with the release thanks to two clips from the CD:  T’es Beast or What?  and  Wati Bon Son in feat with Dry. The big revelation of the group was made with the release in the bins in March 2010 of their first album, “The school of Vital points”. Three weeks later, the album is certified Golden Disc. The group’s career continues to climb over the years with the release in 2011 of an album “mixtage” titled Les Chroniques du 75: pending the Apogee. An album that has seen all these clips and has made over 100,000 copies. The group replicates in 2012 with the third excerpt of the climax with the title before it leaves in homage to the mother of JR, a title that met a huge success, sold from the first week to 66,000 copies, then certified gold disc, platinum disc and two months after platinum double disc. You can find free news of this group of rappers