The cougar woman, fashion effect or new way of life?

While everyone now knows the existence and the definition of the cougar woman it is good to ask ourselves if we are facing a lasting or ephemeral phenomenon? In fact, will we still talk about cougares when it becomes totally banal and that the series Cougar Town has ceased to be broadcast? Nothing is less sure.

Indeed it is not the first time that a buzz lasts 1 year or 2 before going out. Everyone remembers the “pogs” phenomenon. What about today ? Fallen to oblivion.

But perhaps then it should already be ready for a new phenomenon that may come tumbling in France at high speed: The sugar daddy . I can see you from here poor readers asking you what is this new English term! And probably this is the new phenomenon that will exceed that of the cougar. Finished the sexy mature woman who is looking for a handsome young man to put in the tooth. We reverse the roles, we take the same and we start again!

This being like the cougars, sugar daddy already exist. They have just for the moment no label in France. The same is true for the cougars that did not appear in 2010 but that existed at all times (in a much smaller number than today certainly). We just did not call them that yet.

In conclusion can we really think that the cougar phenomenon will go out? No, it’s just going to get into the mores. We can not consider that the cougar will disappear but on the contrary it is a safe bet that his way of life will become totally banal and will not make any more the buzz. After all, older men with young women are running the streets and nobody talks about it ..