The tavern

The tavern of the Geek welcomes you 7/7 24/24

First there was NOTHING now there is the tavern,

I propose a technical point of view on the news as I see it.
I do not know how to draw. Humor, I may not have enough.

But the technique I have to sell! geekerie and chinoiserie will be waiting for you


the tavern is the ideal place to put it, the road to the goal set is long and perilous
Often lined with taverns with bright signs
And it’s hard to resist the invitation …

So look no further if you too is a fan of download, torrent, good plans, come share !!

If there was a subject that could gather all the geeks, it would be the tavern. Most geeks, whether programmers or not, have a close relationship with computers and new technologies, and will be able to use a computer at a higher level than an average person. ..

The main function of computer geeks is actually to weld the community of enthusiasts, for example through discussion forums or teams of players (in the case of video games). This computerized social practice is also combined with very real encounters between geeks, as mentioned above.

This importance of computing among geeks has given rise to a misconception of the geek, who would then be a mere follower of computer or modern technological tools. This conception is quite partial since the geek is not limited to a simple use of technological tools.

So you can find us here or be indulgent with me, my opinion certainly can not be unanimous, but will have the merit of existed.
Out of curiosity or affinity it’s all about you wading through the meanders of the web.