Laval en fleurs, a floral competition

In Canada, or at least in the province of Quebec, the city of Laval is known for a multitude of things. First, it has the third largest population after Montreal and Quebec City. Then, she suffers from a serious problem of reputation following the decay of two mayors in the space of a few months, Gilles Vaillancourt and Alexandre Duplessis. Fortunately, there are not only negative things about the city’s neighbor: Laval en fleurs, which happens year after year, is a very interesting event for horticulture enthusiasts in Quebec.

The horticulture capital

First of all, you must know that the city qualifies itself as the horticultural capital of Quebec. There are more than 130 companies working in the field of plants: be they greenhouses or greenhouses, Laval is growing a lot of things every year. The Laval Technopole is even one of its four flagships to attract families and skilled labor in the city!

An embellishment contest

In 2013, Laval hopes to win one of Quebec’s flagships, which stem from a horticultural classification program designed to encourage municipalities in the province to beautify their spaces through flowers and plants. The City of Laval, in collaboration with Laval en Fleurs, plans to award a total of over $ 2,000 in prizes to all those who will participate in this contest!

The operation is simple: people register online (the deadline is unfortunately exceeded for 2013) and they have the right to make any type of development. Three types of categories are introduced this year: residential, commercial and institutional prices and finally, professional prices. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

  • Residential prices: First of all, you can be rewarded for the beauty of your front garden according to the state of its maintenance, the diversity in the arrangement made, the originality and the beauty as a whole as well as the addition of the Laval emblem, lavatère. Then, rewards are also awarded for the beauty of the balcony, the originality of the facade as well as for the ecological aspect of a development carried out by a resident.
  • Commercial prices: Two commercial prizes will also be awarded during the contest. In the first place, a company will also be rewarded for having built a floral arrangement for its facade, according to criteria similar to the price of the residential category. The horticultural merit will be attributed to a company specifically established in this sector.
  • The price of the professional: Finally, there will also be a landscaping professional who will be rewarded for his good work, whether for a front lawn or for a rear parterre made at a resident of Laval.

Finally take note that the date of the unveiling of the winners has still not been served to the public. This is a file that is to follow!

Doubts weigh on the administration of Laval en Fleurs

Unfortunately, the eternal specter of corruption and fraud hit Laval again in the last hours: the Sûreté du Québec recently announced that it was investigating the administration of Laval en Fleurs because his former CEO apparently would have done away with $ 200,000 in the space of a few years. Already that Mathieu Lavoie was paying a salary that was contested by several members of the organization, his way of managing Laval en Fleurs caused great discomfort at the time. Let’s hope the summer celebrations will not be tainted by the police squad’s strike.

Free flowers for residents

While the inhabitants of the city must instead turn to a florist in Montreal, the people of Laval, for their part, have the chance to receive flowers for free from Laval en Fleurs. Proof of residence is of course necessary for the claim to take place, but it is entitled to perennials, annuals and even a bag of potting soil. In 2013, the spring flowers ceremony was held on June 8; fortunately, the event occurs again in the fall, specifically on September 14, providing fall perennials and chrysanthemums to the population. Even children can receive pretty little gifts, is not it wonderful?