Learning to love the household

Roh there, it’s boring to clean! At least, that’s what we hear people say when their parents try to force them to put some order in the house or in their room. Each person has a few things in mind that they particularly hate to do: it may be mowing the lawn or waxing the floor as Cinderella did. Regardless of the task, however, the result is the same: many people are unhappy because of their hate of housework.

For the majority of people, this problem is not solved by shouting magic! Normal people will be forced to clean up until their last breath so it would be better if the psychological blockage they feel towards the household breaks up gradually. The good news is that there is a way that this can happen. How to do? Well, here are some tips to guide you on the road to success.

One thing at a time, oh my god …

Do you know that old George Hamel song? Well, be aware that this is the mantra that you will have to adopt to make a first step in the right direction. You must avoid this damn procrastination! Instead of waiting until tomorrow to wash the plate you used for dinner, take a little 2 minutes and set it right away. You will avoid the stomach ulcer that will arise when you have to type the entire household.

It may be that doing everything as you go along will result in a very slight loss of time in the end: perhaps you will spend 1:30 per week instead of 1:20 if you do not do “all at once”. However, housekeeping professionals , the AESEQ, have a theory about it.

“Living in a messy environment means losing productivity,” said Charles Bernard, who works as an external web marketing consultant for the company. “The simple fact of avoiding clothes lying on the floor slows you down slightly and breaks your concentration at the same time. Same thing when you sit at your desk to work and you have to move all the brothel that you have left … it drains your energy unconsciously! Better to eliminate this useless distraction. ”

Make the household interesting

There are other things you can take into consideration:

  • You can do several housework. By competing or messing around when cleaning your floor, it will all seem a little less boring.
  • Listen to good music. Queen, Britney Spears, Martine St-Clair … these artists produce feel-good music that will release a good dose of liberation in your body.
  • Create a routine: If you are used to cleaning for 30 minutes between 16:00 and 16:30 on Saturday, you may not deviate from this habit of life.