The Pantheon Editions at the price of the best new CROUS

Jeoffroy Delépine, CEO of the Editions du Pantheon, was for the second year in a row president of the jury of the CROUS de Paris news contest. He returns to this event celebrating the creative writing of the authors of tomorrow, the students.

How was this awards evening held?
Ioffroy Delépine of the Editions of the Pantheon 
 : The evening was held at 12, rue de l’Abbaye in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. The four members of the jury and I were gathered at the CNOUS “Cultural Center of the 1969 Abbey”. Present as CEO of the Editions du Pantheon the figure of the publisher, by the authority it imposes, brings a recognition of the literary milieu to the winning texts. Natacha Deygas represented the CROUS cultural service in Paris. Dominique Barbéris embodied both the figure of the teacher and that of the writer. Yann Migoubert, meanwhile, represented the University of the Sorbonne, he is the head of the cultural service. Finally, Hervé Gardette symbolized the bodies of information since he is the media manager of France Culture Radio.

The manuscripts were to be sent before March 16, 2012. In the meantime, we became aware of the hundred or so news corresponding to the criteria defined by the conditions of participation and collected by the cultural service throughout the second semester. We then confronted our opinions, argued, deliberated and finally, voted.
We chose to reward Lise Menalque for The Howling , Alexia Luquet with The Opener , and Elio Possoz for The Great Festival . It’s Sarah Ghoula with a sick flowerwho broke away for the first prize, delivering us a text marked by great sensitivity. These students have distinguished themselves by their mastery of the genre, since every word must count to bring us to the fall of history. The different levels of reading presented by the new awards have been particularly noticed. Finally, considering the theme of the year, which was difficult to think outside the box, originality was a determining point.


Who are these young authors and what can they hope for?
The CEO of Editions du Pantheon
 They all come from very different sectors of the universities of the Paris region. Some pursue a course of modern letters, history, European law or comparative literature. They are truly young writers with a promising talent. If literature fascinates them, they must persevere and continue in this way. The first are now qualified to participate in the final straight that is the national competition. This time, their texts will be confronted with the best news selected on all French campuses. This prize will be awarded soon. The winner will be rewarded with a check for € 2,000, and the second for € 1,500. To celebrate what is above all a feast of words and writing, the best texts will be the subject of an edited collection. This last bonus is an important incentive to continue writing. It ensures a first recognition of the editorial environment, which can be worth argument with a future publisher.


Could you tell us more about the origins of this contest and the conditions of participation?
Les Editions du Panthéon
  : The CNOUS has always supported artistic initiatives among all students and all amateurs. This is even more true since the 2000s. The network of academic works organizes every year several national competitions to promote different artistic fields. Thus the CROUS of Lille took the initiative to create a new contest. In the same way, the regional university branches of Besançon, Orléans-Tours, or Clermont-Ferrand organized competitions relating to photography, comics or short films. Each academy then relayed these initiatives to see a national final.
Each year a theme is defined and common to all competitions. This year, it was the theme of “student life”. Students and the general public were to submit their news by March 16 at the latest. The compositions of the other disciplines were due on May 15th. In the case of the short story, the main formal constraint was not to exceed 2,500 words, the story must be brief. This one should have only few characters. The narrative frame had to be built around a single strong point. The work had to be completely original, that is to say unpublished, and must include a title. Every year, the details, the stylistic constraints, the rules and the registration form are available in the CROUS cultural services, on their websites or on the CNOUS website.


How are the Editions of the Pantheon facing this competition? What are the values ​​that the house defends?
  : The Editions of the Pantheon are a publishing house of books specialized in the general literature. They have varied collections, from the novel to the testimony. It is also a very important home from a university point of view because it is important for us to transmit knowledge and knowledge through the essays, theses and memoirs we publish. We always want to highlight the new talents of writing. In this context, we work with many students, professors and academics.

The collection that holds us, in this context, particularly at heart is of course that of our “tales and news”. This contest is important because it arouses passions for writing and words, especially among young people. This event contributes to the birth of a new generation of writers, talents and writers. The Editions du Pantheon support, therefore, any structure that promotes the desire to write and the sharing of its work with readers.