The invention of the bra dates back to the Middle Ages

From the story of the Bra …

Austrian researchers have just highlighted an incredible discovery that has already turned upside down the history of fashion: Bras dating back to the Middle Ages 600 years before our time were found in very good condition.

Until now, it seemed established that the bra was born with the modern era, just after the golden age of the corset but it is obviously nothing! It seems that its use has been reinvented recently (convergence of invention) almost identical and that it disappeared for nearly six centuries, until proven otherwise …

While excavating an Austrian castle, the castle of Lengberg, that archaeologists from the University of Innsbruck have made a curious discovery under a floor of the house: 4 bras in perfect condition and that look like to be mistaken for the throats that are currently found in commerce.

Historians thought until then that the invention of the bra was dating back a hundred years. Moreover, this common name appears for the first time in a dictionary in 1904 (Larousse).

One of the pieces found at the castle of Lengberg is very close to a modern bra so much that one could think of a joke and lose his Latin.

A shake-up in the history of fashion

The conservation of the bras found is explained by the fact that they were stored under a floor of a room of the castle, in a very dry place and in the middle of not less than 2700 fragments of textiles and clothes that he had to sort and separate one by one. Among them, only 4 resemble bras, with well-separated caps and even two wide straps for one of them and obviously a belt in the back poorly preserved but easy to guess.

We also note that the piece of lingerie was not only made to hold the chest but also to embellish the body with finely decorated patterns (with the use of lace in particular). The garment therefore exceeds only the practical aspect but has been designed for the aesthetic side

Austrian researchers have also rediscovered what looks like a men’s underpants. This discovery is also very surprising since the panties represent in many civilization an element of male domination and power. It seems surprising that a lord wears this kind of underwear at this time.

These findings were made during 2008 and are now only released in the press, after many scientific analyzes and 14 carbon dating because in view of the importance of discovery, it was to be certain of the assertions and check each every detail. These advances are very important for understanding the evolution of fashion and dress in the ages and is a kind of missing link and allows us to better understand the mores of our ancestors (and thereby better to decipher ours ).