New releases at the cinema in 2012

2012 is a very interesting year for film news. Be it comedies, horror films, documentaries, sentimental dramas or action movies, cinemas around the world are offering and offering real masterpieces in 2012.

In a cinema near you!


There is no need to say, comedies are popular in the cinema in 2012! Many novelties are in the spotlight as for example, The dictator, The pirates, as well as Mirror, Mirror. However, one of the most anticipated comedies at the movies in 2012 and without a doubt Graduation madness: The meeting . This comedy tells the story of a group of friends who had hectic experiences during their school years.

Action films

There are a lot of action films at the movies in 2012. It’s also this kind of film that sits atop the American and Canadian box office. Among his films, you can think of Naval Battle, Men in Black, Chernobyl Newspaper and the film Sane and Save. However, the biggest action movie of the year goes to The Avengers , an action movie featuring the greatest superheroes of American cinema.

Horror movies

We can not talk about cinema without referring to the horror films, which are becoming more and more numerous on the big screen and enjoying unprecedented media coverage. In 2012, several horror films attract our attention as for example; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Prometheus and Possession. Personally, I find that there are few quality horror films at the moment in the cinema since the last years because in my opinion, it is all alike. Only a few films deserve to be considered as for example, the Decadence film series.

Which cinema to choose?

Being a big fan of cinema , I was very often disappointed with the cinema projecting the desired film. Of course, being a resident of the city of Montreal, it is not the choice of cinema that is lacking. Personally, I have already been watching a film in a cinema where the benches were simple chairs and where the film was projected on a projector screen with holes. It was a very unpleasant experience. Of course, these cases are very rare. Today, the majority of cinema come from the latest technologies to satisfy the clientele.

Recently, I experienced 3D cinemas. finding; I could never do without it! 3D cinema offers many advantages over traditional cinema. For example, cinemas with 3D rooms have a lot of financial resources, which guarantees a quality experience. Secondly, 3D movies allow you to experience the emotion of the film more intensely, immersing yourself in the characters’ universe.