Why prepare for your funeral pre-arrangements

Many people aged 55 or 60 think they can spend a few more decades with their loved ones. After all, life expectancy in the Canadian population is quite high, reaching in 2007 an average of 80.34 years per person (representing the 16 th position in the world!). These encouraging figures, however, will lead some people to postpone the preparation of their eventual deaths, galvanized by the energy that still flows in their veins. Then, unfortunately, their departure will sometimes come at a completely unexpected time and they will find themselves unprepared in the face of death.

It is extremely difficult to accept that we will leave this world, we must agree. However, without rejoicing in the inevitable, it seems essential to take certain precautions in order not to leave his own heirs with difficulties resulting from our lack of foresight. The funeral pre-arrangements are part of the arrangements made by a quarter of Quebecers today to avoid leaving the heavy burden to others to organize and pay for his own funeral. Today, let’s take a look at this still unknown arrangement of many Quebecers.

Basic knowledge to have on the subject

Basically, the funeral pre-arrangement is an agreement made with a funeral home so that it can deal with the different aspects of your funeral (ceremonies, embalming methods, etc.) when you leave the terrestrial world. It is said that it is a form of death insurance that allows its subscribers to pay the full amount of the funeral BEFORE it takes place: instead of paying a monthly payment until death, the full amount of a stroke.

Avoid sudden price inflation

The use of pre-arrangements ensures your heirs that they will not have to take out a single dollar from their wallet to meet your last wishes. The reason for this insurance is simple: the contract allows you to set the price permanently, regardless of whether you have to die on the spot or 30 years later. Since the majority of the funeral expenses will be placed in trust, so in an account that is inaccessible to the administrators of the funeral home, the money will have time to grow and allow it to not lose the exchange.

Choose exactly how we will be celebrated

By treating yourself with the people who will be responsible for organizing your ceremony, you can ensure that you will trust those who will be the organizers. You have the freedom to choose exactly everything that will be included in the event (up to the type of flowers purchased!) Since it is you who will pay for the organization. In the case of death insurance received by an heir, it could be a little more tempting for the heir to reduce the funeral budget in order to cash the balance of the premium …

A type of contract protected by law

Since elder abuse has unfortunately been all too common in recent years in Quebec (and certainly is still so), lawmakers have decided that funeral pre-arrangements would be subject to a law, allowing the government to tighten funeral homes that do not respect certain basic rules of ethics. Entered into force in 1988, this law is currently under the control of the OPC.

Do not wait until it’s too late or your resources are limited to take action! Even a man in his fifties has nothing to lose by setting up his own funeral as soon as he will be free from heavy weight.