Sleep Studios 3 Inch Visco2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Enhancer Review

The Sleep Studio 3 Inch Visco2 ventilated mattress enhancer is not a complete mattress by a memory foam mattress topper.

The 3 Inch Visco2 ventilated enhancer is made from open cell visco2 memory foam that makes it breathable. It is also eco-friendly and will provide comfort and relief from pressure points to give you a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Studio 3 Inch Visco2 Ventilated Memory Foam Topper Details

  • Open Cell Visco2 memory foam mattress topper
  • Open cell technology gives 5 times more airflow to prevent overheating.
  • Eco-friendly formula uses plant-based ingredients
  • Microsafe anti-microbial treatment
  • Provides comfort and pressure relief to reduce tossing and turning


Open Cell Visco2 Memory Foam

The 3 Inch Visco2 memory foam mattress topper is made from a memory foam which has a visco2 enhance. This is a revolutionary high performance memory foam that allows 5 times as much airflow to keep you cool at night and to prevent overheating. Memory foam mattresses and toppers are known to have issues with trapping heat and this technology by Sleep Studios overcomes this well.

There are also 3 zones of air channels to allow even more air circulation at the head and feet as well as more support at the torso. Visco2 and ventilation allows more oxygen under your covers giving you a healthier and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Visco2 memory foam also returns to its original size faster than other memory foam and is not prone to permanent shrinkage from compression.

Eco Friendly Production

The 2 inch memory foam mattress topper is derived from plant-based chemicals instead of traditional petroleum ones, making it environmentally sound. It has also had anti-microbial treatment that is environmentally safe too.

MicroSafe Anti-Microbial Treatment

The Sleep Studio 2 inch Visco2 memory foam mattress topper benefits from MicroSafe which is an environmentally safe anti-microbial treatment to overcome unpleasant bacterial odors and also the growth of mildew, mold and fungi.

Minimizes Motion Transfer

The Sleep Studio memory foam mattress enhancer also helps minimize motion control so prevents your partner from disturbing you in the night.

Available Sizes

The Sleep Studio memory foam mattress enhancer is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes.


The memory foam mattress topper comes with a 2 year warranty.

Cost of the Sleep Studio 3 Inch Visco2 Memory Foam Mattress Enhancer

This memory foam mattress is available on Amazon for just as little as $100 depending on the size you want – and can save you up to 60%!

What Customers Say About the 3 Inch Visco2 Memory Foam Mattress Enhancer

The 3 inch visco2 ventilated memory foam mattress enhancer has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers who bought the mattress topper mostly loved it. Some customers thought it was a case of you get what you pay for, while others found it to be okay or actually found it uncomfortable. However the majority of customers only had praise for it.

Most customers agreed that the Foamglobes memory foam mattress reviews would have been better if it came with an outer cover review.

Customer comments included:

  • “What a surprise!!! I never thought it would feel so good. i just woke up from one of my most relaxing nights ever… and i didnt even have to drink tea or wine to sleep that well. I have fallen in LOVE!.. I can’t recommend this item enough… I’d give it 10 stars if i could. Very happy customer here…”
  • ”…Bed comfort is highly personal so your mileage may vary, but for me laying down on this always feels good. It’s made my bed the most comfortable and inviting it’s ever been – and that’s important because I have always had insomnia. This pad was worth every penny for me…”
  • ”This memory foam pad is adequate as a temporary topper, for camping, for guests, or the indifferent sleeper, but not up to par for someone who needs a good bed because of back pain or similar ailments….”
  • “…I love naps and this just made every nap heavenly!”
  • “…this is a TRUE memory foam product- and it is 3 inches of pure memory foam. A lot of the other products I saw were combinations of pad and foam. I can’t imagine the others are worth the price, as they are more expensive than this one. This isn’t a pretty product, but it doesn’t matter- it’s under your sheets!…”
  • ”I was advised from a friend not to get a memory foam that is less than 4 inches. This one is 3, and it is just fine.”
  • “I am so pleased with the Sleep Studio 3 inch Visc02. I have not slept sooooo gd in so long…”

Overall, for the price, the Sleep Studio 3 inch Visco2 ventilated memory foam mattress enhancer might just be the thing you need to freshen up your old mattress.